That’s My Boy

Alexander, what do you want to be when you grow up?

“Well, I dunno!”

You can be whatever you want to be. A doctor, a firefighter…

“Oh, yeah! I could be a fireman and then I can wear my fireman hat!”

Yeah, or whatever else you want. Do you think you want to be a teacher like Daddy?

“Yes! Or…wait. No, I don’t want to be as tall as Daddy. I wanna be big like you, Mommy!”

Do you know what Mommy does?


Mommy’s an editor. Do you know what that means?

“Ummm, no.”

It means that Mommy helps fix words. Like, if someone writes some words, and maybe gets some letters mixed up or puts the words in the wrong order, Mommy helps fix it up.

“Oh, yeah! I wanna be like you, Mommy!”

You want to be an editor?


Emily’s Eleventh Month

Emily is 11 months old!


These days, Emily…


…eats everything in sight. She went from refusing to let anything other than pureed food anywhere near her mouth to putting everything in her mouth practically overnight. Now she’s constantly stealing bites of whatever we’re eating, feeding herself small things like Cheerios, and has even figured out how to drink through a straw.


Chewing is still a tough concept for her, so we have to break all her food into tiny pieces, but it’s nice not to be spoon-feeding her 5+ tubs of purees every day. This girl has an appetite, and she’s in that early-eater stage where she’s not picky and is happy to try everything. It’s really great.


…sleeps through the night! She’s actually been doing this since about 9.5 months, I just forgot to mention it before now. It’s really nice not to be waking up at 3am every night, let me tell you. About a month ago, when Alexander was having nightmares pretty frequently, I told Tim that since Emily was finally sleeping, I could start helping out with Alexander’s wake-ups again. And do you know what Tim told me? Tim, who I sometimes think values his sleep over almost everything else in life? He told me, “Don’t worry about it; you deserve a break.” You guys. Tim is the very best.


…cruises, crawls, and gets into everything. We’ve reached the fun stage where she is constantly opening drawers and pulling everything out. Let me tell you how much I love it. (Not a lot.) And she’s obsessed with the dishwasher. Whenever she hears Tim start to do the dishes, she makes a bee-line across the house to climb in the dishwasher and help. Let me tell you how much Tim loves it. (Not a lot.)


…wears hairclips for up to 5 minutes at a time before yanking them out. Good thing she’s ridiculously cute even when her bangs are in her eyes.


…enjoys playing in the snow…


…dancing to the music her jumperoo plays…


…and, of course, spending as much time with her brother as possible.


She’s going to be a whole year old soon, which doesn’t seem even remotely possible. But then I look back at pictures from when she was born, and I can’t believe she was ever such a tiny little thing. She’s grown up so much in the past 11 months!

Emily’s Tenth Month

It’s been a big month for Emily!


She got to play in the snow!


And go sledding for the first time, which she totally loved.


And then later in the month, she got to play in the sun at the park, because winter in Colorado is nothing if not inconsistent.


This girl is pretty fearless, and continues to have zero sense of self-preservation. She climbs everything in sight and wants to be in the center of the action at all times.


Wherever Brother is, that’s where she wants to be. Luckily, Alexander tends to be very good at accommodating her desire to be near him most of the time.


These kids love each other so much.


Emily also grew a tooth! And then another one! Despite the above photo evidence to the contrary, 95% of the time she still steadfastly refuses to put anything in her mouth that’s not (a) her hand, (b) milk, or (c) a puree. We’ve still go a ways to go before she’s feeding herself finger foods.


But perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this month (most exciting for me, anyway) was that we accidentally gave Emily some pudding. With milk in it. And…she didn’t react. Not even a hint of a rash.


So, after consulting with her pediatrician, we started experimenting with more dairy products, first with her eating them, then moving on to me eating a little bit of dairy when she still didn’t react. Long story short, I’m eating pizza right this very minute. Cheesy, delicious pizza! I can hear a chorus of angels singing with every bite.


She also does the adorable baby booty dance when she hears music, which is one of the best milestones in all of babyhood, in my humble opinion.


Emily Judith, a.k.a Ems, a.k.a StinkerDoodle: Ten months old, full of mischief, and absolutely the best little girl ever.

Bad Dream? Alexander’s Got You Covered

Alexander’s been having bad dreams lately, and he hasn’t quite figured out that what happens in his dreams isn’t actually happening. This is understandably tough for a sensitive little guy like Alexander.

His dreams cover a broad spectrum of scary stuff, from monsters, to dinosaurs, to not being able to find Mommy and Daddy when he needs us. In one dream, he was driving my car, pulled into the garage, and something bad happened (maybe he crashed into the garage? The details weren’t clear). He was calling for us to come help him, but we didn’t come. “So next time, when I have that dream,” he told me earnestly the next morning, “and I call for you and Daddy in the garage, make sure you guys come, okay?” Oh. Oh, Buddy. We would if we could.


Bad dreams have been a hot conversation topic at bedtime lately, and the other night, Alexander asked if Tim ever has bad dreams. Tim told him that he doesn’t have bad dreams very often, and when he does, it’s usually about something silly, like going to work without pants on.

As their conversation progressed, Tim started suggesting ways Alexander’s friends (the stuffed animals who sleep with him) could help him out if he had a bad dream: “Clifford is as big as a house, so no dinosaurs will mess with him. If a dinosaur is trying to get you, Clifford will come save you.” Or: “If a monster is chasing you, Dog-Bear can come protect you. Monsters will stay far away from Dog-Bear.”

“Yeah!” Alexander chimed in. “And if you have a bad dream, I’ll bring you pants!”

You know, I don’t think Tim’s had a bad dream since that night. He’s been able to rest easy knowing Alexander’s got him covered.

Emily’s Ninth Month

At nine months old, Emily…


…is bound and determined to climb stairs, and has zero sense of self-preservation. She’s constantly lunging in dangerous directions: down the stairs, off the couch, out of my arms, out of her chair that I put her in for her monthly picture. Mama’s gotta have quick reflexes these days.


…is not so much a fan of the sleeping. Lucky she’s so cute.


…still has no teeth, and has no interest in any food more solid than a puree. Put one of those dissolving baby puffs in her mouth, and she immediately sticks her tongue out, gagging and spitting. She won’t put anything in her mouth except her fingers, which makes me think we’ve still got awhile before any teeth show up. For a couple of days, though, she thought it was fun to chomp on our dining room chairs, which lead to this adorable photo op:

Left: Alexander at 8.5 months. Right: Emily at 8.5 months.

Left: Alexander at 8.5 months. Right: Emily at 8.5 months.

…enjoyed her first Christmas very much.


…especially all the crinkly wrapping paper.


…thinks hats are both delightful and hilarious.


…thinks one of the best things in the world is crawling around on the floor with her big brother. They crawl all over the house together, and she laughs and laughs.


…is still crawling and pulling up to a stand and cruising and saying “Mama” and being generally adorable.

9 Months

(I had to catch her face inches away from the floor about 3 seconds after getting this shot. See note above about her complete lack of self preservation.)

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