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You guys, I am all but guaranteed to complete my 30 Books in 2007 challenge. And the best thing is? It wasn’t that much of a challenge. I just read books like I normally do, and have had no problem trying to reach 30 books. Maybe next year, if I really want to challenge myself, I’ll go for 50. Maybe.

Anyway, wanna know what I read recently? Book 28 was one I’ll have to link to for purposes of keeping other members of the SDBBE in suspense. So, it was this book over here (Isabel’s contribution to the book exchange). And I really enjoyed it. It got off to a bit of a slow start, but when it picked up it got really good. I will probably pick up other books by that author in the future.

For Book 29, I finally, for the first time in my life, read Pride and Prejudice. (My sister-in-law Jenn has never been more proud!) I figured I should see what all the fuss was about. And, let me just say, that the fuss? Was well-deserved. I really loved this book. And I may have had a dream about a Colin Firth/Matthew MacFayden-hybrid Mr. Darcy the night I finished the book. And the Mr. Darcy of my dreams may have been incredibly gorgeous. I’m just sayin’.

But, all resulting dreams aside, I really did enjoy the book. And I definitely plan on reading more Jane Austen whenever I get the chance.

As luck would have it, the 30th book I will be reading is my SDBBE book for this month. Which means it must be finished by the end of this month. Which means I will definitely have read 30 books in 2007. Because I am awesome.

Speaking of books and being awesome, I got my first Secret Blogger Santa gift yesterday. And it kicks ass. My lovely SBS sent me a list of books that she thought I would enjoy, along with a short blurb about each book and why it’s so good. And the list? Is awesome. I have read (and enjoyed) a couple of the books on the list already, and there are a couple of others that are currently on my library holds list. So, clearly, my SBS has good taste in books! The majority of the list is of books I’ve never heard of, but they are all ones I would like to pick up now that I know they exist. So, awesome job, Secret Blogger Santa of mine! Thank you so much!

Finally, I’m sick today. So I took some DayQuil this morning. And now I’m feeling a bit … uh … loopy as a result. So I apologize if any of this post is incoherent. And I’m also kinda bummed because we have plans to go to Old Chicago to drink beer and celebrate the end of some hideous classes that Tim had this semester. Thanks to the DayQuil, I feel good enough to go to Old C’s. But, no thanks to the DayQuil, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to partake in the beer consumption. Which I have been looking forward to (i know! weird, right? i don’t even like beer!) because I want to work on completing the holiday beer tour so I can get a really cute shirt. But if I combine beer buzzing with my current DayQuil buzzing, there’s no way I would be able to drive home. And since we are celebrating Tim being done with these classes, it’s really not fair to ask him to drink less so he can drive me home. Being sick is stupid.

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