Wednesday-Bensday! Special Ch-ch-ch-changes Edition

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but there have been a lot of dog posts around here lately. Like, a lot a lot. I’ve tried to break up the dog posts with non-dog posts, but even on what I consider a good blog week these days, I only manage two non-dog posts. And those “good” weeks can be few and far between. Most weeks I’m lucky to get one non-dog post hammered out. With two guaranteed dog posts per week, the dog-to-actual-content ratio around here is getting disturbing.

So, since it turns out that I am not such a good at-home blogger (one of the troubling side effects of having a satisfying, enjoyable job that keeps me from spending all my time at work blogging), and I’m not happy with 50% or more of my blog content being about my dogs, it’s time for a change. I’m going to go back to only one dog post per week, and then hopefully I can re-claim this blog for myself.

Ben, never a fan of change, is naturally skeptical about this idea. He’s a little concerned about sharing his weekly time in the spotlight, and he’s not sure he’s ready to part with his charmingly absurd post title “Wednesday-Bensday.”

To help Ben get used to the idea of sharing his Wednesdays with Smalls, we won’t be implementing these changes immediately. Smalls is only 5 weeks short of celebrating one full year of Smalls Sundays, and I think it’s only fair that we let her finish out the year. Come February 9, however, Smalls Sundays will be no longer.

To address Ben’s other concern, I need your help. I know I want to keep my weekly dog posts on Wednesdays, but I’m not sure what to do about the post name. I really like Wednesday-Bensday, silly as it is (Ben is, after all, a very silly dog), but I don’t know if I can reasonably keep that name when I’ll usually be writing about both dogs (and some weeks may not mention Ben at all). Unfortunately, I’m having trouble coming up with an acceptable replacement name.

So, tell me — what do you think these new two-dogs-in-one posts should be called? If you have a fabulous idea for a new post title, let me know. If I get a bunch of good suggestions, maybe we’ll have a vote sometime in the coming weeks, and maybe the person who suggests the selected name will get a prize. Or, if you think I should just keep calling it Wednesday-Bensday, regardless of how often Smalls is featured, let me know that, too.

I very much appreciate you guys helping Ben come to terms with this change. Almost as much as I appreciate you helping me re-claim my blog from my dogs.

Do Kaya, Rufus, Bailey, and Daisy have good ideas for the new-and-improved Wednesday Bensdays (with special guest star, Smalls)? If they do, I hope they speak up!

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