What I Learned Over Christmas Vacation

  1. Baby Audrey is now smiling and more adorable than ever.
  2. Baby Audrey knows how to celebrate Christmas in style. Not bad for a first-timer!
  3. Tim is still the world’s best gift-giver. In addition to the most perfect calendar ever to grace an editor’s desk, he gave me a new camera (in purple!) and a garage door opener (so long, ice scraper!) (His parents also gave me a [slightly nicer] camera, but it was black, not purple. What’s a girl to do? Why, return both cameras in exchange for the nicer camera in purple, of course!) (Am surprisingly high maintenance, it would seem.)
  4. (Yes, those are High School Musical scrapbooking stickers you seen in the background. What of it?)

  5. My parents make a damn good prime rib dinner — complete with garlic mashed potatoes (yum!), broiled sweet potatoes (double yum!), and green beans with mushrooms and sliced almonds (OMG yum).
  6. I love wine. (I may have already known that…)
  7. Brewery tours are fun and delicious…

    but drinking many small servings of beer (where “many” equals “sixteen samples over the course of three breweries”)…

    gives me the hiccups. For five hours.

    I sure hope you all had fun and educational holidays as well!

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