Who I Am

I’m Audrey.

I spent the summer of 2004 studying abroad in Barcelona. While there, I had my first (and second, and third, and fourth . . . ) taste of Sangria and fell in love with it. A couple of years later, when trying to come up with a title for this blog, I thought about how much I love Sangria and named the blog accordingly.

I’m an editor by trade. I love grammar. But I also love casual blog writing where I disregard all but my biggest grammar pet peeves. I’m complex like that.

I like The Office, Leverage, and watching HBO and Showtime shows like Rome, Dexter, and Six Feet Under on DVD, marathon-style. This is problematic in that I am not good at pacing myself, and it’s not long after starting a series before I find myself out of new episodes and suffering from withdrawal.

I also like burritos, hiking, dancing, flip-flops, and my dogs.

I dislike ballet flats, animal prints, iceberg lettuce, onions, eggplant, the phrase “it don’t,” misplaced apostrophes, and being cold.

Making Frequent Appearances

Tim: My husband. Filmmaker turned elementary school teacher. Recently completed his Master’s in Curriculum Instruction. One of the funniest guys I know. Skilled handyman. The love of my life. All-around great guy.

Ben: My dog. American Eskimo. Likes: sitting on Smalls, bounding through the yard gazelle-style, snuggling with Tim. Dislikes: Baths. Absolutely terrified of: Loud noises, kitchens, trash cans, the unknown, buckets, beer bottles, beer.

Smalls: My other dog. Sheltie-Corgi-Who knows what else mix. Likes: chewing on Ben, helping herself to whatever’s on the coffee table, eating poop. Dislikes: not having 100% of our attention 100% of the time, baths. Afraid of: Absolutely nothing.