This Is a Little Surreal

A place to sleep

Also, I am a little sunburned.

My Life Right Now

Me: “So I finally ate the leftover spaghetti and meatballs for lunch today, but I only had about two thirds of it before I got full.”

Tim: “Makes sense. There was a lot of spaghetti in that tupperware.”

Me: “And then about an hour later I ate a string cheese. And then an hour after that I had a fruit cup…And then at 4:00 I finished the spaghetti and meatballs.”

Tim: “You’re so awesome.”

I get home from work and make a small serving of cheese sticks. I had planned to try out my new pregnancy workout DVD, but it’s so damn hot out I convince Tim to go to the pool with me instead. On past trips to the pool I’ve always spent the walk home starving, fantasizing with Tim about how great it would be if there was a snack bar at the pool. I always think, “next time I’ll bring a snack with me.”

This time, I don’t bring a snack with me because I had a snack immediately before leaving the house. We spend about an hour at the pool. I swim laps, then spend 15 minutes willing the sun to come out from behind the lone cloud in the sky while I lounge poolside.

On the walk home, I am starving and institute a new policy: Always bring a snack to the pool. Always.

A coworker convinces me to join her at a favorite Thai restaurant for lunch. I always order the same thing: Pad Kra Pow, a delicious plate of jasmine rice and stir-fried chicken, green beans, mushrooms, jalapenos, bell peppers, garlic, and basil. Without fail, I’m always hungry again a few hours after this seemingly very filling lunch. This time, I plan ahead and order a chicken pot sticker appetizer. My coworker turns down my offer to share the pot stickers, so when we leave the restaurant, I take the remaining two in a doggie bag, feeling quite full and satisfied.

I barely make it an hour before I eat the leftover pot stickers.