You Know It’s a Good Wedding When…

  • The bride’s vision for the ceremony and reception decor finally comes together and it was 100% worth all the stress in the week leading up to it.
  • Only one bridesmaid (me) is set on fire. (Apparently you’re never supposed to spray static guard underneath a dress you’re wearing, because it may ignite a fireball under your skirt with a shocking woosh.) (No harm befell the bridesmaid or the dress…and all the static went away!)
  • Macaroni and Cheese is on the dinner menu…and not just the kids’ menu.
  • The lead singer of the band is rocking a curly mullet and dance moves you haven’t seen since the 80s.
  • The dance floor is constantly full of people shaking what their momma gave them–even my rhythmically-challenged husband– despite the fact that the strongest drink at the reception was root beer.
  • The bride (my gorgeous sister-in-law, Aleisha) and groom (my fantastic new brother-in-law, Cliff) are positively radiant, and the glow of their love eclipses the glow of all the candles and twinkle lights in the room.


For the new year, I think Smalls has resolved to give up all attempts at dignity and focus instead on being as comfortable as possible.

That, or she plans to take up horseback riding and is trying to get her legs used to the feel of straddling a saddle.