Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, full of food, family, laughter, and lots of goodies from Santa!

Quote of the Day

From my father-in-law, regarding Bella Swan, as soon as the credits rolled on New Moon: “That girl’s got a really weird life.”

Holiday Cheer

There’s a house that I drive by on my way to the dance studio that has a very large, very bright, very in-your-face sign that reads “WE SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

I find myself smiling every time I drive past that house. Not because I’m glad they say “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and want to be sure everyone who drives by knows it. No, what makes me smile every time is the house right across the street with the small, understated sign that reads simply, “Season’s Greetings!”

Kinda makes you wonder how well those neighbors get along…