The Night Timmy Caught the Whale

Did I forget to tell you guys that we went to Georgia? Huh. That’s weird.

So, hey guys, guess what! We went to visit Tim’s parents in Georgia a few weeks ago over Tim’s spring break! It was pretty cool — they have a great condo right on a lake which made for a very comfortable and relaxing week. We spent lots of quality time with the folks and filled the week with touristy and non-touristy things alike. We visited a house where part of Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed and made the trek to the Whistle Stop Cafe for some authentic fried green tomatoes…only to find when we arrived at 4:45 that the Cafe closed at 4:00. (Seriously, what kind of cafe closes at 4:00? Who does that?) We toured the Georgia Aquarium and the uber-cheesy (and sticky) World of Coke, and we experienced the wonder that is IKEA for the first time (holy particle board, Batman!). We ate some amazing BBQ and enjoyed some delicious home-cooked meals courtesy of Tim’s mom. But the highlight of the week was, in Tim’s mom’s words, “The night Timmy caught the whale.”

Tim spent most of the week lakeside, trying — mostly in vain — to lure fish to hook. Days went by with no results, despite experimenting with a variety of tantalizing baits. Then one night, midway through the week, Tim gathered up some dinner scraps and went out to the lake for some night fishing. The rest of us looked at what he intended to use for bait and thought he was crazy. What kind of fish would go for that?

Two casts of the reel later, we found out exactly what kind of fish would go for that: Catfish.

Sure, it’s not quite a whale, but it is the biggest (and ugliest) fish Tim has ever caught, and that makes it a big deal.

So, are you dying to know just what kind of dinner scraps are best for catching Georgia catfish? You can’t just have any old thing for dinner, toss the leftovers on your fishing hook, and hope to be as successful as Tim. Oh, no. You really shouldn’t use your leftovers at all. The dinner scraps you really want are going to be found a bit closer to the floor, wherever you keep your dog dishes.

I kid you not — Tim caught a catfish using dog food for bait.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just got THE BEST birthday present from Tim.

He made me a tap floor! So I can tap at home whenever I want! It’s so amazing and perfect and I love it love it LOVE IT!!

Speaking of tap, I have another competition this afternoon (hopefully there will be other adults to comete against this time), so wish me luck. I’m pretty sure the fact that it’s my birthday means we have to win first place, right? Right.

In which we avoid mentioning the fact that tomorrow I officially enter my Late Twenties

Mr. Tim’s class worked extra hard last quarter to prepare for and take the state’s high-stakes standardized test. As a reward for their diligence, he let the students vote on what type of class pet they’d get this quarter. The top three choices were: (1) a frog, (2) a snake, and (3) a starfish.

Since frogs and snakes both pose a flight risk (and I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having either of these creatures in my house over the weekend before they were taken to their classroom home), Tim hunted all around town for a starfish. He eventually found one and got it settled in one of the extra tanks we have in our garage from a time when Tim coped with my being in Spain for two months by filling the apartment with aquariums.

But Mr. Tim didn’t stop there. He decided the kids had worked hard enough to earn an entire tankful of pets, so the starfish spends his days with a Flame Hawkfish and a scuttle of hermit crabs.

I’m pretty sure this qualifies Mr. Tim for an Awesomest Teacher Ever nomination.

On Being a Good Husband

Did I mention that the day Twilight came out Tim suggested we go to the store and buy it on Blu-ray? And then he watched it with me without complaint? And then I caught him downloading the audio book of New Moon because he was trying to share in something that he knew I really enjoyed? (He didn’t make it very far into the audio book before getting bored and giving up, but still. It was a very nice gesture.)

I wonder if he’s been trying to make up for that day I had the stomach flu and was laying on the couch, trying not to die, when, on his way out the door, he very cleverly slipped the following into our morning good-byes: “By the way, I might have accidentally bought a PlayStation 3 on e-Bay last night. See you tonight!”

Wednesday Smalls ‘n’ Bensday! All Riled Up

Smalls has had a permanent faux-hawk on the back of her neck since the day we brought her home. When people first meet her, they often see Smalls’s built-in fashion statement and think she’s extremely upset. Once we assure them that the hair on the back of her neck always stands up, no matter her mood, they relax and work on coming to terms with how awesome our dog is.

You can tell Smalls is really riled up when her faux-hawk extends past her neck and all the way down her back.

This still doesn’t mean she’s angry, though. It usually just means she’s having a ton of fun wrestling with Ben.

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