Taking after Her Father

Never mind the fact that for the first time in many years, I’ve actually seen (and loved) the movie that won Best Picture, the highlight of my Oscar Night  was receiving this picture message shortly before my brother’s annual Oscar Party began:

“Look who’s ready for Oscar Night”

Baby Audrey sure looks cute in the first present she ever got from Aunt Audrey and Uncle Tim, doesn’t she?

It’s Not Rocket Surgery, Either

So, we’re at Wendy’s and Tim orders a classic single with no onions, which happens to be the exact same thing the two people in front of us had ordered. We step aside to wait for our order, and while we’re waiting, a very Loud (but oh, so Clever) Lady steps forward to place her order.

We wait . . . and we wait . . . two classic singles with no onions are delivered to the counter, which means our order is up next . . . and we keep waiting.

It seems that the limit for classic singles with no onions that can be made one after the other without confusion is two. Complete chaos seems to have overtaken the kitchen, and we watch as Loud (but clever!) Lady’s order comes together while we continue to wait for the staff to produce a third classic single with no onions.

As we all wait for our orders to be completed, L(bc!) Ladyoffers some insightful commentary on how easy a task burger assembly should be: “It’s not brain science, you know.”

Wednesday Smalls ‘n’ Bensday! Homework Helper

Something tells me that when Smalls went in for a snuggle while Tim was grading papers the other night, she got more than she bargained for.

Ben was smart enough to keep his distance until the grading was finished and he could get his snuggle fix without having to multi-task.

Valentine’s Day Hilarity

Tim and I spent Valentine’s Day evening the same way we usually do, putting our culinary skills to the test and making a new and exciting dinner together. This year we made spinach and cheese manicotti, which was tasty enough to make the the mess and challenge involved in filling manicotti tubes with a spoon worthwhile.

The unusual thing about this Valentine’s Day was that it was on a Saturday, so we got to spend the entire day together — a very nice change. We slept in, went out for breakfast (though it was actually past noon and, for all intents and purposes, lunch), walked the dogs, played some board games, and, all-in-all, had a really great day together. If I had my way, Valentine’s Day would be on a Saturday every year.

After our romantic day and delicious dinner, we headed downtown to see our favorite comedian, Brian Regan. The show was hilarious, as expected, but almost more amusing than the comedy we paid to see was the comedy that took place in the seat right next to me. This 30-something guy, apparently there by himself, was positively trembling with laughter. At times he had to lean forward, prop his elbows on his knees, and hold his head in his hands, such was the intensity of his guffaws. And that was just during the opening act, which, honestly, was not very funny. When Brian Regan took the stage, Tim and I were a little concerned that my neighbor might actually giggle himself to death. He didn’t, thank goodness, but the laugh-trembles did turn into full-body convulsions, complete with stomping feet, random hand clapping, and intermittent gasps for breath. When the man had enough air in his lungs to chuckle audibly, what came out was an obnoxious sort of Woody Woodpecker cackle. It was quite the spectacle, let me tell you. At times I wasn’t sure who was entertaining me more, the professional comedian we’d come to see or the accidental comedian we serendipitously ended up sitting with.

So tell me: Did you encounter any Valentine’s Day hilarity, intentional or accidental?

Ooooh! Burn on Me!

From Tim, after informing me that my car would be getting four new wheels because I’ve somehow managed to dent a couple of them in recent months:

“Maybe later we’ll pick up some cones and I’ll take you to a parking lot and teach you to drive around corners.”

Well played, Tim. Well played.

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