Smalls Sunday

Smalls is having a fabulous Labor Day weekend, filled with lots of play time, treats, and walks.

She hopes you all (including Kaya, Rufus, Ben, Bailey, Foxy, and Zapp) are enjoying your holiday weekend as well!

Whip It Up: The Final Week!

For this, the last week of Whip It Up, the theme was dessert. And I totally would have made a dessert, except that most desserts require baking, my oven isn’t heating properly, and the new oven doesn’t come until next week. Also, Tim and I aren’t really big dessert people, so the oven’s malfunctioning is mostly just a convenient excuse for the fact that we more-than-likely wouldn’t have made a dessert anyway.

Instead, I made the Pasta with Peppers and Mozzarella that Erin made a couple of weeks ago. Based on what she said, I was prepared to need to tweak the recipe a bit, most likely by adding some balsalmic vinegar. I figured the balsalmic vinegar would best be added at the end, so I decided to just follow the recipe then do a taste test to determine what, if anything, was needed. Come taste-test time, however, everything tasted delicious! So the balsalmic vinegar stayed in the cabinet and I dished up two heaping bowls of yummy, nutritious pasta to enjoy with a delicious bottle of wine while we watched [mother fucking] Snakes on a [mother fucking] Plane on Cinemax. (Sounds like a romantic evening, no?)

Was it easy to make? Yup! Super easy. The only snafu (snafoo?) was the same snafu (snafoo?) I always have — I started out using too small of a pot and had to transfer everything into a bigger pot mid-recipe. No big deal, really, just one more dish for Tim to wash later.

Did it taste good? At first, yes. But a few bites in the bitterness of the arugula got to be a bit overpowering. Other than that, though, it was great. I ate around the arugula and loved every last bite of pasta, peppers, and fresh mozzarella. Oh, how I love fresh mozzarella!

Would I make it again? I imagine so. Next time I’ll use spinach in place of arugula, and I bet the whole dish will be incredibly delicious.

Wednesday-Bensday! Special Dinner Time Edition

Lately the dogs have been eating their meals out of the same bowl. They usually share pretty well, each one casually nibbling on kibble over the course of a few hours. Last night, however, for reasons beyond my understanding, the food was exceptionally tasty. Ben and Smalls started out sharing well, but it wasn’t long before Ben asserted his dominance (ha!) and started hogging the kibble.

To help you fully understand the course of events, I’ve compiled the following series of photos documenting the dogs’ actions and thoughts throughout the 10 minutes it took them to devour their dinner.

What amazingly delicious meals have Kaya, Rufus, Bailey, Foxy, and Zapp enjoyed (or been denied) lately? Be sure to check in with them for your daily dose of doggie cuteness!

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

But it can buy . . .

  • an upgraded TV package that will allow us to watch the new season of Dexter before it comes out on DVD;
  • a replacement oven ordered without a too-painful dip into savings;
  • the ability to visit Tim’s parents in Georgia for the first time since they moved there a year ago;
  • a second (and maybe third!) tap class each week; and
  • a surprisingly delicious box of wine. (What? I never said our new jobs automatically made us classy.)

And all of these things make me pretty darn happy. (Of course, so do things like improved job satisfaction and more quality time with my husband, but if I told you that, it would ruin this whole extremely shallow appearance I’m trying to maintain.)

Smalls Sunday: Walkin’ in Style

Smalls has so much extra neck skin that it’s hard to get her collar to the right tightness. When it’s tight enough that it won’t slip over her head, all her extra skin bunches around it and makes it look way too tight. But when it’s loose enough that the there are never any skin rolls, she has a bad habit of pulling her head out of her collar when she’s on a leash and being led somewhere she doesn’t want to go . . . like into the vet’s office.

Because of this, whenever we take the dogs for a walk, I’m always nervous that Smalls will get spooked by something, pull out of her collar, and bolt into traffic or some other dangerous situation. To prevent such a situation, I got Smalls a stylin’ harness that she can wear any time we taker her out on a leash. This morning, after wrestling a very wiggly puppy into a really-shouldn’t-be-so-difficult-to-buckle harness, I took Smalls out for her first-ever harness walk.

At first she wasn’t sure why in the world her leash was attached to her back. She kept spinning around to bite at it, which is her answer to all leash-related troubles. (Leash caught under a leg? Bite it. Leash pulling you in a direction you don’t want to go? Bite it; chew your way out of the problem situation.) But eventually she adjusted to the different feel and was prancing along, happy as can be. And there was no way she was going to wriggle her way out of that harness, even if she wanted to.

Smalls got to go for a walk, and I didn’t have to worry about her getting loose at a bad time. Everyone wins!

How do Kaya, Rufus, Ben, Bailey, Foxy, and Zapp strut their stuff on their leashes? Be sure to check in with them for your daily dose of doggie cuteness!

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