QUESTION: How Many Men Does It Take to Catch a Fish?

ANSWER: One Audrey.

(And one Tim to get the fish off the hook and put it back in the lake.)

(I know it’s small, but it’s the first fish I’ve ever caught in my whole life, which makes it a Big Deal.)

(Also, between me and the three men I went fishing with, I was the only one who caught anything that day. Because I am AWESOME.)

Smalls Sunday: Queen of the Ottoman

Smalls loves ottomans. It’s like she thinks they were put into rooms just so she could lounge on them and feel important. They really are an ideal-sized piece of furniture for her adorable self, so it’s only fitting that she would seek them out.

Do Kaya, Rufus, Bailey, Ben, Ted, Gus, Foxy, and Zapp have a preferred piece of furniture? Check in with them and find out!

When Teachers Work Out

Tim: When Steve and I were working out yesterday I grabbed his headphones to see what he was rocking out to. It was the High School Musical soundtrack.

Steve: Hell yes it was! At least I wasn’t “rocking out” to a Love and Logic book on tape like you were.

Audrey: You guys are such teachers.

The Fact That I Adore You Is Just One of My Truths

Three years ago today:

Happy Anniversary, my love!

(Title: Ani DiFranco)

Wednesday-Bensday! Special Screen Door Edition

I’m pleased to report that Ben has conquered his fear of the new steps connected to the new door. Amazing, right? Rarely is a fear of his ever conquered so quickly.

How did this happen? Nobody knows for sure, but Tim and I have a theory. We’re pretty sure that one day, in an attempt to get inside without touching the stairs, he did his standard flying leap up and over them . . . and went SMACK! right into the closed screen door. After that he probably decided it would be a good idea to approach the door with a little more caution than a flying leap allows.

So now he uses the steps. And still runs into the screen about 30% of the time.

Do Kaya, Rufus, Bailey, Ted, Gus, Foxy, Zapp, and Smalls know how to use a screen door? Check in with them and find out!

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