I’m gazing into the well of ideas and all I see is Ben

And, much as I know we all love little Benjamin, I really don’t want this to turn into an all-Ben-all-the-time type of blog. Unfortunately, I am fresh out of new things to write about. I have come down with the dreaded Bloggers Block.

So, can you help a girl out? Tell me what you want to read. Is there anything I haven’t rambled on about that you might want to see some ramblings on about? (Does that sentence even work?) Have I mentioned something and then left you hanging by forgetting to say anything more about it? I am begging you — give me some new ideas, please. Pretty please, even, with a cherry on top!

If I don’t get some fresh ideas soon, you guys are all going to have to start coming here with lent rollers to fight all the fluffy white fur that will be taking over this blog. And lent rollers cost, like, five whole dollars. And you have better things to spend five dollars on, don’t you?

Give me an idea, save five dollars. That right there is a good deal for everyone involved.

I Can Safely Read the Internet Again!

No spoilers in the actual post, but BEWARE THE COMMENTS.

I just finished Harry Potter about 5 minutes ago. It was so unbelievably great. I LOVED it.
I’m still working on processing my thoughts about all of it. I’d really like to know what all of you who have read it think. So whaddaya say? Wanna have a SPOILERS DON’T SCARE US discussion down there in the comments? You do?! Blimey that’s great!

This Week Has Gone to the Dogs

Thanks to Janet’s genius suggestion and a little bit of peer pressure, Thursday has joined Tuesday and Wednesday so that we now have three Official Cutest Days of the Week all in a row. The Roosday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Bensday!, and Dogarazzi “trifecta of doggie cuteness,” as RA so eloquently puts it, is the perfect thing to get you through those awful middle days of the week, making the wait for Friday much more bearable. (And we all know what good things happen on Fridays.)

So head on over to RA’s site, welcome her to doggie parenthood, and swoon over the star of Dogarazzi.

Wednesday-Bensday! Special Roosday-Tuesday Edition!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day we taught Ben how to swim. It’s adorable with the wetness, and the single paw coming down from batting at something, and the way he appears to be looking at Tim’s shadow. It’s adorable.

But do you want to know what else is adorable? Ben’s blog friend Rufus has been inspired by Wednesday-Bensday! and now wants to follow in Ben’s paw prints and share his cuteness with the Internet. So, with those big puppy dog eyes of his, he asked his mom if he could have his own day on the Internet just like Ben. And of course Erin couldn’t turn down a request like that. The result? Roosday-Tuesday!

Ben would really like all of you guys to go check out the adorableness that was posted for last night’s first Roosday-Tuesday. And I really think you should do what Ben says — I did, and now I can’t stop looking at that heart-meltingly precious picture of Rufus. (Seriously. I’ve clicked back over there at least 5 times while writing this post. It’s that cute.)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are officially the cutest days of the week.

Because sometimes you really need to open a giant bottle

We inherited this giant bottle opener from Tim’s grandparents. The coolest part about it — besides its giant-ness, of course — is that the bottle-opening part of it is all worn, as if it was used frequently during its residence in Tim’s grandparents’ house.

My understanding is that Tim’s grandparents weren’t big drinkers, but they did like to entertain. Something about this bottle opener — with its well-worn grooves and almost comedic size — tells me Tim’s grandparents knew how to throw a really great party.

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