Playing Catch-Up

A few items of business that I’ve been meaning to post this week:

First, a great big shout out to Gary for coming up with Cannibal! The Musical as the movie referenced on my “Let’s Build a Snowman” scrapbook page on Monday! Gary, your prize will be in the mail early next week. For those of you who have not seen Cannibal! The Musical, I highly recommend it. It’s best viewed under the influence of alcohol, especially if you drink every time someone says “Schpedoinkle!”

Second, and speaking of things involving the word “Packer,” we attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend. Since the bride and groom are both big Green Bay Packers fans, the wedding was Packers-themed, which was pretty fun. The bridesmaids wore green dresses and carried yellow roses, the bride — who looked gorgeous — also carried yellow roses and had a green sash tied around her dress, and the guys all wore yellow boutonnieres.

There were inflatable footballs and football confetti as centerpieces on some of the tables at the reception. The other tables had a more traditional floating-candle centerpiece, which served as a perfect goal in which to flick the confetti footballs. This is how we entertained ourselves while we waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive at the reception. (Tim won, by the way, with an astonishing 11 footballs in the centerpiece!)

When the bride and groom arrived, they were, quite appropriately, wearing Packers jerseys. This was both adorable and helpful in protecting their formalwear from the delicious BBQ lunch we had.

Even the cake was decorated in green and gold, complete with a mini Packers helmet next to the bride and groom figurine.

It really was a fun wedding. It reflected the bride and groom’s personalities very well, which is what makes a wedding great, in my opinion. My cousin and his wife are a wonderful couple, and I know they have many many happy years of cheering on the Packers together ahead of them.

Last but not least, tomorrow is the great wine stomp competition. Wish us luck in winning that trip to Napa Valley!

State of the Lips, and How We Celebrated Our Anniversary

I followed S.J.‘s advice and took the lip gloss back yesterday. I exchanged it for some lip tint, and just like that — no more buyer’s remorse! The great thing about the lip tint is that I get the same great subtle color (actually, it’s an even better color than the gloss) and the same great minty tingle but without the stickiness and sparkles. I’m happy, my lips are happy, and Tim is happy not to be getting sticky kisses anymore. Everyone wins!

I also tried to cash in my Bath and Body Works free C.O. Bigelow’s coupon, but they were out of the color I wanted. I promise to report back on the free lip gloss just as soon as I can get my hands on some. Because I know you are all just dying to know this clueless-about-makeup girl’s opinions on all things lip gloss.

To celebrate our anniversary on Tuesday, Tim and I went to this little restaurant called Wines of Colorado. They serve wines from wineries and vineyards all over Colorado, and the best part is — you get to taste them for free!


So we ordered our food and then went and tasted some wines to decide what we wanted to drink with dinner. And, wow. Some of those wines were really good. I ended up drinking the red that was recommended to go with the sandwich I ordered, and oh. my. god. The sandwich was delicious on its own, but when I followed a bite of sandwich with a sip of wine? It was amazing. So good.

For those of you living in or visiting the greater Colorado Springs area, I cannot recommend this restaurant enough (except for the blah, flavorless side of red potatoes. Those I certainly can recommend enough, where “enough” means “not at all”). The food is delicious, the wine is to die for, the atmosphere is cozy, there is absolutely zero pretentious wine snobbery, and the prices are really reasonable. I foresee many trips back in our future.

(Secret message to Mom and Dad: Next time you come to town, we will be dining at Wines of Colorado — you’ll love it!)

Wednesday-Bensday! Special Frog Legs Edition

Because we haven’t had any pictures of Ben and his frog in awhile.


Two years ago today, I married my soul mate.

Tim, I fall deeper in love with you every second of every day.

These past two years have been the happiest of my life.

Every day that I wake up next to you, I am reminded of how unbelievably lucky I am to share my life with you.

You bring me joy, pure and simple.

I never dreamed that this amount of happiness existed until you walked into my life and changed everything.

There is no sensation better than that of your arms wrapped around me in a warm and loving embrace.

Kissing you is pretty amazing, too.

Happy Anniversary, Honeybear.

I love you forever.

If the saying is true, then this post is worth, like, 50,000 words.

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for the fabulous lip gloss recommendations you gave me over the weekend! I ended up picking up some Origins lip gloss (This stuff, in pink bikini) yesterday. I went to the Origins counter at Macy’s so I could sample it, and I was instantly sold on that nice cool minty tingle it left on my lips. It is a little bit sticky — not at first, but after a few minutes — (and a little shimmery, which I could not see in the store but noticed when I came home — shoot!), but I like the color a lot. And also, the mint tingle. It’s yummy. I do like the gloss, but — and I hate to say it — I’m feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse ($13.50! ouch!) and wishing I would have gotten the lip tint instead. But I also feel like it’s pretty lame to return used lip gloss. I mean, they definitely can’t re-sell that, so they probably wouldn’t take it back, right?

I followed your advice and also signed up for e-newsletters from Bath and Body Works so I could get my free tube of CO Bigelow’s lightly-tinted gloss. Free = no buyer’s remorse. And with so many glowing reviews from all of you, this stuff has got to be good. I am looking forward to trying it out as soon as my coupon arrives.

And I also want to try pretty much everything else you guys recommended. But, you know, there’s the whole pesky money issue. Maybe over time I can build up a collection of the fabulous lip glosses recommended by you fabulous ladies (Sorry not to include you, Gary, but I won’t be buying orange lip gloss. That would definitely not be fabulous).

(On a side note, I just got an email from Sephora today all about how lipstick is coming back to replace gloss. I am so terribly behind the times.)

Anyway, let’s get on with your regularly scheduled blog post, shall we? Awhile ago, a couple of you asked to see some of my scrapbooking work. And I emailed each of you and said, “Oh, good idea! I’ll do that this weekend!” And weeks past and I completely forgot to do it. Sorry ’bout that.

But my impending anniversary (tomorrow!) reminded me that I am nowhere near as caught up on my scrapbooking as I was at this time last year. And that, in turn, reminded me that I had promised you guys some pictures of what I actually have done this year. So, without further ado, here are some highlights from the “Marriage: Year 2” scrapbook, which currently covers everything from July to mid-October of last year.

Here’s the first page of the book:

A spread from my belated bachelorette party (I made it orange specifically for you, Gary):

Some pictures of Ben and Charlotte swimming (guess which dog actually enjoyed the swimming) at the reservoir:

Another spread from that same camping trip:

My mom and I painting the bedroom:

Tim and John’s summit of Pike’s Peak (Tim and Aleisha and I are going to hike to the summit this year — I can’t wait!):

The saga of a dog and his frog (there will be at least one follow-up spread to this one later in the book):

And, finally, the “Let’s Build a Snowman” (name the movie that song came from and win a prize*!) spread from the first of many snow days we had last year:

That’s right. I made a snowman out of pictures of our snowman. I am so awesome.

So, there you go. Probably more pictures of my scrapbook than you ever wanted. (And this was me holding back — I have a whole big wedding scrapbook I could have shown you pictures of too. But I didn’t, because I’m not into torturing my readers like that.)

*Please note: Actual prize will likely be a “Way to go!” shout out and not actually a tangible thing that costs money and requires shipping and whatnot.


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