We’re home from Vail. I promise to update soon, but there’s just a few other things on my to-do list at the moment. Such as:

  • Catch up on Blog reading. Google Reader says I have 100+ new items. I know it’s probably closer to 300+ since I haven’t read much of anything for about a week. I may not comment much, but I will get caught up, I promise!
  • Laundry. Lots of laundry.
  • Figure out how to adress an e-mail to Tak Landrock. (Thank you for all of your suggestions!)
  • E-mail Tak Landrock.
  • Write fantabulous blog post(s) all about trip to vail and how Tim sees a local weather man every single monday at his college. Also write speculations about possible reasons why our celebrity dollars haven’t arrived yet.
  • Maybe stop writing about local news people already.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Spend lots of quality time with Mr. Benjamin, who we have not seen for two whole days. (Oh, holy crap. I just realized I forgot all about Wednesday-Bensday! this week. I’m so sorry, you guys. I will make it up to you, I promise.)
  • Write about my Book Challenge ’07 progress.
  • Thank all of you for your fabulous music suggestions.
  • Also, spend some time listening to and downloading your music suggestions.
  • Maybe go for a hike.

So, just as soon as I check a few things off that list, I will be back here writing fabulous things for your entertainment. Because, honestly, I don’t know how you survived this past week without me. (Actually, I do know how you did that. What I do not know is how you survived a week without Wednesday-Bensday! I know I barely survived 2 days without seeing the little guy’s face, and you guys had to go a whole week? I am so, so sorry.)

His tongue hangs out of the side of his mouth when he's been playing extra hard
There. Does that help?

Holy Crap.

You guys. Go look at this.

Did you see it? Did you read the comments? Specifically the comment from Tak Landrock?

You guys, Tak Landrock read my blog. Where I wrote about how he was short. And he was really, really nice about it. And he wished Tim good luck. Because Action News Reporter Tak Landrock! is a super nice guy.

I’m trying to email him a response to his comment, but I only get as far as “Dear …” before I get stuck. What do I write? “Dear Tak”? “Dear Mr. Landrock”? “Dear Action News Reporter Tak Landrock!”?

That doesn’t matter, really. I’ll figure it out. The main thing to remember here is this: Tak Landrock read my blog. Holy crap.

Help me stock my Zune.

Isabel, being the super cool chica that she is, hooked me up with 100 free music downloads. How awesome is that?!

What’s not so awesome is that I don’t know what to get, and I only have 30 days to decide. The site has a smaller, mostly indie selection, which is fantastic. But every time I go over there to download some music, I feel a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to even begin.

Can you guys help me out? Who are your favorite artists? What are your favorite songs? What should I download? Tell me, please!

And if you want to know how you can get 100 free songs, you just let me know and I’ll email you the details.


Next week is Tim’s Spring Break, and I’ll be using some of my hard-earned vacation time to party and drink on the beach enjoy a nice, relaxing week away from work.

What are we going to do with an ENTIRE week off? Well, Tim has some homework he has to do — papers to write and such. So it unfortunately can’t be a week of binge drinking and partying. At least not an entire week. But we do have some pretty kickass plans.

First of all, we’re going to get massages on Tuesday. Aleisha gave us massage gift certificates for Christmas and we’re finally using them. I can’t wait!

We’ll almost definitely do a bunch of hiking early in the week. I think the weather’s supposed to be nice, so we’ll be able to get outside, soak up some sun, sweat out all the booze we’re going to be drinking get some good exercise, and of course spend some quality time together.

I’m most excited for last few days of the week, which we will spend in Vail thanks to cheap internet hotel rates and some free passes that one of Tim’s friends is hooking us up with for the Vail Film Festival. I’ve never been to a film festival before, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be super cool. How could something with a picture of Luke Wilson on its website not be super cool?

Also, our hotel has a pool, which is kind of like a beach only with less sand and no scary fish to bite you. It’s going to be awesome.

Tak Landrock!

Last night, Tim and I went to a School Board Meeting. Tim had to do this as an assignment for one of his teaching classes, and I tagged along for two reasons: 1. I’d get to spend time with Tim! 2. It might be interesting. (Nope, still haven’t learned how to use a thesaurus.) (Actually, I did look at a thesaurus. But all the synonyms seemed too enthusiastic for my purposes. I had no hope, for example, that the meeting would be enthralling, engrossing, riveting, or captivating. And I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be provocative, alluring, delightful, or side-splitting. Really, “interesting” was the only acceptable choice.)

It was a little interesting, since the School Board happened to be voting on whether or not to keep a local middle school open next year. So there were lots of parents, students, teachers, and other community members there to voice their opinions before the Board voted. Then after the “Community Comments” section was over, the students went outside and … picketed or something? I just heard lots of yelling and occasional honking through the open window. Later, we watched the news, which confirmed my suspicion that the yelling and honking was all in support of keeping the school open. Which would explain why it got much quieter outside after the Board voted to close the school for a year.

Other than that, though, it was mostly just long and boring. There was lots of discussion about raising insurance premiums, copays, etc. for the district. I tried really hard to not be bored by that. I kept telling myself, “Tim might be teaching in this district. This could affect us. I should pay attention.” But instead I got bored and drew on Tim’s foot with my pen.

But none of that is the point of this post. (Good thing I wasted all those paragraphs on it then, right?) The point of this post is that, while I went to the meeting with Tim for the two reasons listed above, I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to discover a third reason to be there.

See, because of the whole middle school closing issue being kind of a big deal (see how I’m tying that in? maybe that paragraph wasn’t wasted after all!), a local news station was there to cover the decision. And you’ll never guess who the reporter was. (Seriously. You won’t guess. Because although every time I watch the news I say to myself, “I should totally blog about that guy,” I never have. Until now.)

You guys. I saw, with my very own eyes, and then later sat just a few chairs away from, Tak Landrock!

Why is this so blog-worthy, you ask? Um, you guys? Did you see what his name is? It’s only the coolest reporter name in the history of reporter names. It’s just too bad a guy with a name like that is a Consumer Reporter. I mean, his name is Tak Landrock. That kind of name should totally belong to some sort of action-news reporter: “Action News with Tak Landrock! It fits so much better, right?

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you that I saw Tak Landrock. And in real life, he’s a lot shorter than he looks on TV, although I’m not going to tell you that because what if he googles himself and reads that and it upsets him? I, for one, would not want to get on the bad side of Action News Reporter Tak Landrock!

Also? When we watched Tak Landrock’s report on the news last night? Tim and I were totally on TV. Looking incredibly bored.

You guys, we are so famous now. I expect the celebrity dollars to come rolling in any second.

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