Halloween ’06

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at Jessie’s place. I think it’s safe to say that good times were had by all. And since I am having trouble thinking of some clever blog post about the party, let’s just see a few photo highlights, shall we?

Crazy Larry and Starry Night
I was the Night Sky. There was a minor change of plans with my costume, as our original star-attaching idea failed miserably, but I think the end result turned out that much better because of it. Tim went as “Crazy Larry from Accounting.” His ID badge said he only had Level 3 Clearance — I think this is because his badge also listed him as a Security Threat, and security threats hit the proverbial glass ceiling at level 3. Security threats everywhere are coming together to eliminate this discrimination in the workplace. They’re also working on incorporating snake ties into standard company dresscodes.
All three of us
This is Me, Tim, and Aleisha right before we went to the party. I think Aleisha’s costume was the most obscure of the three. Gold star to anyone who can guess what she went as.

John the Pedophile
This is John. He went as a pedophile. The box attached to his belt says “Lollipops for good little girls and boys.” It actually had lollipops in it. He also had an elephant hand puppet with a very inappropriate looking trunk and a hat that said “Hands on Kids!” I laughed every time I looked at him.

Other potentially inappropriate costumes? One couple who I don’t know (and don’t have a picture of) coordinated their costumes. But it wasn’t just your standard cheesy couple costume set, oh no. The girl came as a sting ray. The guy came as Steve Irwin. Too soon? Still kinda funny in that uncomfortable way? You be the judge.

The Party's Sexy Hostess
Me, the sexy party hostess Jessie, and my not very strong drink. Good, good times.

And the best costume of the night goes to…

Emo Lauren
Emo Lauren! Her tie sealed the deal. Partly because of its awesomeness, and partly because of the guy who didn’t understand it.
Not Understanding Guy: So, are you like a band on myspace or something?
Emo Lauren: No. I’m emo. (and later: Do you see me holding an instrument?)
NUG: Oh. That’s cool. The tie just threw me off.
Emo Lauren: Have you ever been on myspace? It’s emo heaven!
And then we spent the rest of the night alternately laughing at John’s costume and making fun of the NUG.

Snow Day!

When I got to work this morning I discovered that today was a snow day. How did I discover this? I was the only one there. There wasn’t even another set of tire tracks in the parking lot. So I turned around and came home.

Here’s what I did with my snow day:

Audrey and Ben with Snowman


There’s more to see on my flickr page, so check it out! I’m off to curl up by the fire and watch a movie with my two favorite boys.

Thursday Thirteeen: 13 Statements of Fact

  1. FACT: It did snow last night, and is still snowing.
  2. FACT: Some parts of town already have 7 inches; it looks like we have about 4 in our neighborhood; we still have food, heat, and running water.
  3. FACT: I am going to have to leave very early to get to work on time.
  4. FACT: Ben does not understand that the presence of snow on the deck does not make it acceptable to go potty on the deck.
  5. FACT: We got a box of goodies from Tim’s grandmother’s house yesterday.
  6. FACT: It was full of a lot of really cool bar-related stuff.
  7. FACT: My favorite thing from the box is a full set of glasses, shot glasses, some glasses that appear to be double-shot sized maybe, a drink shaker upper (don’t know if that’s the technical term), and an ice bucket all with very cool blue and white Greek scenes on them.
  8. FACT: My second favorite is a gigantic bottle opener that looks worn down, as if it got a lot of use; maybe I will post a picture.
  9. FACT: Using everything we got will always be a nice reminder of Tim’s grandma.
  10. FACT: I am very jealous that Tim gets to stay home and be warm all day today.
  11. FACT: I am also jealous that he can play with Ben in the snow all day if he wants to.
  12. FACT: Tonight I get to finish making my Halloween costume.
  13. FACT: We’re going to a Halloween party this weekend, and it is guaranteed to be a blast because it’s at Jessie’s house.

Do you have all the necessary survival supplies?

There are rumors going around that we’re going to get hit by a big blizzard tonight. Sometime between midnight and 3am up to a foot of snow is supposedly going to get dumped on our fair city.

Apparently, despite the fact that everyone here lives in Colorado (so it’s not like snow is a new concept) and we’ve already had a few inches of snow this month, the city is in full-on panic mode. You can’t turn on the radio without being advised to stock up on food, water, and flashlight batteries. Even though it’s supposed to be back up to sixty degrees on Friday, you might not make it through one snowy twenty-four hour period if you don’t stock up right this instant. Why are you still reading this? For the love of God, go get survival supplies!

Really, people? I mean … really?
I spent most of today not really paying attention to any of this, so when I stopped by the grocery store after work to pick up one little (non-survival-related) item, I was surprised at how crowded it was. I couldn’t even walk across the front of the store because the checkout lines were so long. It wasn’t until I asked to pay for my one item at the pharmacy so as not to wait in a massive line and the pharmacist expressed shock that people were panicking so much over a little snow, that I realized why the grocery store was so packed. The pharmacist and I became fast friends, mocking the panicked, stock-piling masses as he rang up my purchase. He said to me, “I’ve lived here 8 years, and I figured out during year one that it snows.” And it’s not like you have to go to pharmacy school to posess these advanced powers of observation.

Who knows. Tomorrow I may be eating my words as I shiver in an ice-cold house, completely snowed in, without any food or water because the water mains have all broken and all of the canned goods in our cabinet have spontaneously gone bad. But probably not. And even in the highly unlikely event that we find ourselves without running water, we may not have any bottled water, but we do have Sangria. Which is clearly far superior to water anyway. Think about it — it tastes good; the more you drink, the warmer you feel; and it’s full of nutrients from all of the fruit in it. As long as we have Sangria, we can survive any blizzard.

Go, Camel, Go!

After watching tonight’s Amazing Race, I have two things to say:

  1. Peter, you dickhead. Why do you automatically have Sarah do any and all roadblocks requiring climbing? I’m glad you got your ass eliminated from the race. And I’m glad Sarah told Phil all about how unkind and unnurturing (it’s a word, trust me) you are.
  2. There is nothing about camels that isn’t funny. Can you look at a camel’s face without giggling? Because I can’t.

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