I can really feel God in this Chili’s.

I know the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner was on ages ago, but we just got around to watching it on our DVR a few nights ago. My thoughts, in bulleted format:

  • I wanted to punch Shatner through most of the show. He had the same leaning-forward-eyebrows-up-open-mouth-smile expression the entire night.
  • Farrah Fawcett looks like hell. She was clearly drunk and/or stoned out of her mind, but even sober (as she was on the Emmys, I think) she looks awful. Really, really awful.
  • At one point they showed a clip of Shatner’s performance/video/whatever of “Rocket Man.” I’d never seen this before and had no idea he had done it. I actually turned to Tim and asked, “Did Stewie do this once?”
  • Maybe it was just because an old lady said it (and we all know that dirty jokes are always funnier coming from old ladies because of the shock-value), but Betty White had the best joke of the night by far when she said, “We all know Bill’s nuts. George [Takei] has tasted them!”

the joys of transfering to a new site.

I’m finally transferring some of my old lj posts over. So if the archives are looking a little strange (missing huge chunks of time, for example) around here for awhile, just bear with me…it’ll all be up to date soon enough.

I guess I’d better break the news to Ben that his driving lessons are off.

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing this little gem: Woman crashes when teaching dog to drive.

Head On. Apply Directly to the Forehead. Head On. Apply Directly to the Forehead. Head On. Apply Directly to the Forehead.

Have any of you seen the commercial for this product called Head On? It’s usually on during Jeopardy (I know, Tim and I are super cool for watching that show), and it’s one of the worse commercials I’ve ever seen. Most of the time, if you’re advertising a product, it’s a good idea to say something about what the product is, what it does, why someone should buy it. But the Head On commercial goes like this: You see a woman rubbing what looks like a glue stick on her forehead. And you hear “Head On. Apply directly to the Forehead!” 3 times in a row. And that’s the end. It’s like the marketing team just read the directions for use on the box and said, “That’s it! That’s our commercial right there.”

I have no idea what Head On does. Is it a headache remedy? Does it keep your head attached to (on) your body? Does it eliminate forehead shinyness? Why should I apply it directly to my forehead?

I know I could easily google it and find out just what the purpose of Head On is. But where’s the fun in that? I would much rather see the commercial and laugh at the absurdity. Besides, if the commercial doesn’t feel like it needs to tell me what Head On is (rather than just telling me what to do with it), then maybe I just don’t need to know.


Welcome to the new site! I’m stuck using a plain old wordpress template for now because getting this domain registered and hosted pretty much blew my blog budget. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to either a) figure out how to create a cool design myself, or b) afford to pay someone awesome to do it for me.

Right now I’m working on transferring all of my livejournal archives over, but keep checking back because I’m going to try not to let that get in the way of posting regularly.

Also, I need to send a big THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who was a tremendous help in getting this whole thing set up. After a couple of hours of trying to do it myself I was frustrated to the point of tears and feeling like a total moron. Luckily he noticed how frustrated I was and came to the rescue. Neither of us knows a whole lot about this whole setting up a website business, but between the two of us (mostly him) we figured it out. Reason # 693428 that I’m married to the Greatest Man Ever.

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