Sophisticated yet Sassy

Here’s what I looked like before yesterday (I’m the one on the left):

Margaritas with Jessie

Here’s what I look like now (If you don’t know which one is me in this photo, I’m not going to tell you.):

New Haircut

door update

Tim hung a tarp to cover the ouside of the sliding door until it is fully caulked/installed and also until we have curtains to cover it from the inside. He left the bottom left corner of the tarp un-tacked so as not to have all four corners attached, create a sail-effect when there is wind, and have the whole thing rip off the side of the house.

Of course, this morning is really windy. So the bottom left corner of the tarp (and a lot of the rest of it, too) is flapping around wildly. This absolutely terrifies Ben.

About 6:00 this morning I was having a kinda scary dream, and right as I was at what would probably be the climactic moment of scariness (if climactic moments even happen in dreams), Ben, terrified by the flapping tarp, jumped up right next to me in bed. I have never bolted awake so quickly.

When it became clear that the flapping tarp, that I was, until that moment, blissfully unaware of, was going to cause ben to constantly jump back and forth between cuddling next to me on the bed and cowering in the closet, I gave up on getting my extra hour of sleep and took Ben downstairs away from the threat of the tarp.

Then I promptly stuck him outside and slept for an hour on the basement futon where I continued to have fucked up dreams of my husband and dog getting seriously injured.

When my alarm went off and I got up for real, I went to let Ben in and found that he had gone from the tarp-free front yard to the back yard, where he had seen that terrifying tarp flapping against the side of the house. He was sitting safely snuggled up to the fence on the far side of the house where the tarp couldn’t possibly get him.

When I got him to come inside, he immediately ran to the basement and hid under the futon.

I have such a brave dog.

another example of the greatness that is my husband

I came home tonight afer a very long, crabby, irritating, and nauseous day and guess what I discovered – a sliding glass door in my bedroom!

A sliding glass door that cost $75 at Habitat for Humanity. Purchased new it would have cost $250, so Tim got a pretty darn good deal.

Right now if you were to walk out the door, you would fall from the upstairs bedroom down to the yard below. But next weekend my parents are coming down and my dad and tim are going to build a deck off of the bedroom. With stairs that go down to the yard and the future lower deck that will be built when we can afford it.

So, in about a week and a half, I will be able to walk out the sliding door in my bedroom onto a very nice deck! I love it! And when Ben wants to go out in the morning? Tim can pull the door open without even getting out of bed, let alone having to go all the way downstairs. It’s fantastic!

If you love reading trashy celeb gossip as much as me, you’ll love this

Sean Preston chats with Suri

Wine, money, and iPods are a good way to show me how grateful you are for providing you with this entertainment.

me being bitchy but in a totally joking way so please don’t get mad and think i’m a bitch, k?

Dear Southern California: Low 80s is NOT a heat wave. Repeat: NOT a heat wave. Especially when that’s only about 10 degrees higher than your average (a.k.a. perfect) year-round temperature, and ESPECIALLY when the guy on the news here in Colorado (where obviously we know everything there is to know about weather ever) shows a map that says that southern california is the ONLY area of the country not experiencing higher than average temperatures – and is in fact the only area of the country actually experiencing LOWER than average temperatures. Come on. Colorado weathermen have never been wrong. NEVER.

Here in the Springs we’ve had highs reaching over 100 for a couple of weeks. I worked out on Saturday and had to stop early because my head was pounding with every beat of my heart and I was really dizzy. The cause: Heat Exhaustion. I spent the rest of the day dizzy and nauseous. The only thing that helped was taking an ice-cold bath. After that I was okay as long as i didn’t move at all. I’d say Coloradoans have more right to complain about a heat wave than those of you in SoCal (especially those that grew up in CO and are used to 80-degree temps *cough*Chris*cough*).

And don’t even try that “But there’s the humidity on top of the heat” argument with me. I LIVE for humidity. Humidity is my best friend. So Colorado is dry heat and that’s supposed to be nice, huh? Well sticking your head in an oven is dry heat too, but that doesn’t sound so nice, does it?

Okay, seriously, though? All joking aside, I’m sorry you guys are having to deal with all the heat. I know how much it sucks to be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable all the time, and I’m really glad that you’re getting some rain right now. Whether you’re uncomfortable from humid 85-degree weather or dry 95-degree weather, it still sucks royally, and we can all comiserate together. Much as i love the heat, I also love me some rain, and not just because it saves us money on watering our “lawn.” So please don’t take the previous paragraphs seriously and please do drink a glass (or 5) of that cold wine for me, k?

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