Good Stuff

I’m headed to FoCo for the weekend. Gary is in town, and he and Jessie and I are going to rock and roll all night and party every day. Or at least for the vast majority of Saturday night. I can’t wait.

Tim’s staying home because he has to work. He got a random phone call Wednesday night that went something like this: “Hi, this is so-and-so. Your friend Mike gave me your name and number. There’s a production company in town from LA and they need a production assistant, like, yesterday. It’s 10 days of work, $100/day. Are you interested?” So, that’s what he’s doing this weekend and next week.

Have you seen/heard the mooing dog commercials? The website is That’s who Tim’s working for. Apparently they’re having some event(s) around here and generally doing a lot of publicity stuff in the area, all the while filming a documentary of the whole thing. Tim’s working more on the event-planning side than the film side, but he’s still getting good experience, and the $1,000 he’s making is going to be VERY helpful. I was just stressing out over our finances earlier this week, and suddenly things are a little better again. We can replace the money we had to take out of our savings to pay this month’s bills, and Tim is doing something he enjoys that will also be really good on his resume. I guess we haven’t pissed off the universe too much yet.

Looking Back…

1.) What is your husband’s full name? Timothy Randall LastName
2.) When did you get married? June 26, 2005
3.) How long were you together beforehand? approx. two and a half years
4.) Where did you meet? Over vodka shots at his friend John’s party
5.) What was your first date like? The night we met we both got really drunk and talked a lot and made out some. We seriously talked until the sun came up the next day. In that night we pretty much bypassed the awkward, get-to-know-you first few months of dating.
6.) Who made the first move? he did
7.) What was your proposal like?Incredible. He planned an entire day of surprises including go-carts and mini golf, visiting a botanical garden (where he found the most beautiful spot in the whole place before dropping to his knee and proposing), and a surprise engagement party/dinner with our friends and family
8.) How long were you engaged? just short of 2 years
9.) What were the colors of your wedding? Victorian Lilac (purple), Celadon (light green), and blue
10.) Who did you have in your wedding? Maid of honor: Amy (best friend since preschool) bridesmaids: Jenn and Aleisha (sisters-in-law).  Best man: John (Tim’s best friend; host of the party that we met at) Groomsmen: Mike and Ryan (friends from college and high school, respectively). Readers: Jessie and Gary (good friends) Guest book/gift attendants: Lauren (my college roommate; responsible for taking me to the party where I met Tim) and Chris (my brother). Flower girl: Alysia (my goddaughter)
11.) Do you still talk to your bridesmaids/groomsmen? Sure do.
12.) Where did you go for your honeymoon? Freeport, Bahamas
13.) How long did you spend there? 6 days
14.) What did you do? walked on the beach, rode a jet ski, snorkled, shopped, drank, ate mediocre food, cooked good food and drank wine in our room
15.) How long have you been married now? a year and one day
16.) If over a year, what was the first year like? The best year of my life so far
17.)Where did you get married? The Chateaux at Fox Meadows in Broomfield, CO
18.) How many guests attended? about 115
19.) Was it the wedding of your dreams? Absolutely.

good, good, good anniversary

That’s all. today was awesome. and good. and wonderful. and i love raspberries and champagne. and spinach and chicken enchiladas. and my husband. i love him the mostest.

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it’s official. We’ve been married for a year. I’ve never been happier.

Over the past year (mostly the last 6 months), I set some goals for myself of things I wanted to accomplish before our anniversary. The two main ones being: Fit into little black dress Start losing weight so I can fit into little black dress sometime soon; and Create a First Year of Marriage Scrapbook.

Well, I don’t fit into my little black dress yet. Actually, I have always fit into it, it just doesn’t look too flattering at the moment when it is on. I’m still working on that. BUT, I have lost about 8 pounds and almost 2 inches since I got serious about losing weight. I’ve been stuck at the 1 3/4″ mark (see? almost 2 inches) for awhile now, but I have also been a big slacker on working out. So I’m sure that once I get back on track with the exercise, I’ll finally be able to drop that next 1/4 inch, and then the next few inches after that. Tim says I look good, and I am very pleased with my progress so far. And i have a very sexy new dress that I’m going to wear tonight that is very flattering and gorgeous and fabulous. (Plus it’s also the type of style that will continue to look good on me even as I lose more weight, so that’s great, too!)

As for the scrapbook? As of last week I wasn’t sure I was going to acheive my goal. I originally wanted to have it completely done minus one page – the page that would have our anniversary pictures on it. And I have basically acheived that goal. I do have a few more pages to do – amy’s bachelorette party, Aleisha’s birthday, and our Anniversary – but I do not have printed pictures from any of those events yet, so I have done everything I can on this book with the pictures I have. Since there’s no way I could have made more progress before today, I consider that goal Acheived.

So, I have reached both major goals i set for myself, and for this I am happy. There’s also that little thing of being married to the greatest man in the world for a year – that’s making me pretty happy, too.

[transition into the part where I talk about my weekend]

It was a good weekend. Friday was Aleisha’s birthday. We were going to go camping, but the fire bans got much stricter last week, so it was no longer worth the risk of getting caught with a campfire. And what’s the fun of camping if you can’t have a fire? So, we did the next best thing: We camped out in the back yard! We cooked dinner and smores over our fire pit (perfectly legal on private property, so no worries there) and slept in tents behind the house. It was tons of fun. We woke up at 5:45 Saturday morning to squaking birds and very high winds. Being inside a tent that is being hit with huge gusts of wind is not so pleasant, so we went inside, ate my traditional camping breakfast of peanut-butter-chip pancakes, and then the girls went home. Saturday became “The Day of Sleeping.” Tim and I slept from 7:30 until 11:00, when we had to get up to go to Aleisha’s birthday lunch with the family. After lunch we slept some more – from about 3:00 to 5:30. We got up, were totally lazy, watched some Entourage (very entertaining, by the way), ate some dinner, then went back to bed around 11:30.

Yesterday, Tim did his trailer checks while I did laundry and finished what I could of the scrapbook. We had a very nice afternoon and evening together, in which we watched The Bride of Chucky (stupid), cleaned the main floor of the house, and had a bunch of random snacks in place of any actual dinner. It was great.

[transition back to talking about my anniversary]

Tonight is going to be wonderful. We’re going to eat a few bites of our year-old cake when I get home from work (we only saved one slice instead of the whole top layer – we decided to eat most of the top layer while it was fresh and delicious right after the wedding instead of letting all that yummy cake go to waste) and then we’re going to dinner here. We’ve never been there before, but we have heard good things, and their menu looks amazing. After dinner we’re going to come home and drink some champagne using our wedding champagne flutes (this will be a tradition on every anniversary) and enjoy the rest of our very romantic evening together. I can’t wait.


As of tomorrow Tim and I will be married for 1 year. And, let me tell you, it has been a damn good year.

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