big news!

I just ate a Big City Burrito in my own home. It was fresh. It hadn’t sat in the car for 2 hours before I could eat it at home. How, you may ask, is this possible? Because … THERE IS A BIG CITY BURRITO IN MONUMENT!!!!!!!! That’s just 5 miles north of here!! This is amazingly exciting news!!!!!!

And somehow, it has been there since last June (Big City’s wedding gift to us, I am sure — too bad they forgot to tell us), but we just found out about it today. How is this possible??? I don’t have an answer for you there. I guess they just need to do some better advertising. What really gets me is that there has been a sign on the interstate – one of those “what food is at this exit” signs – since Christmas Eve. How many times have we driven to Ft. Collins since Christmas and completely missed this sign?! I can’t even believe it!

But the good news is, it is here, and it is DELICIOUS. The other good news is it’s close, but not so close that it’s convenient to go there more than once every couple of weeks, so it won’t completely ruin my healthy-eating attempts. Because, as delicious as it is, that deliciousness is a far cry from healthy. Mostly because of the sheer volume of it. You can’t have big city without stuffing yourself silly. Don’t even try. You will be full to the brim after eating one of those burritos. And once you’ve started, it’s really, really hard to just stop when you’re only a little full. No, it’s pretty much impossible not to finish the whole thing because it is SO DAMN GOOD that you just can’t stop until it’s gone. It just can’t be done.

But, OH. MY. GOD. I am so happy that it is no longer 2 hours away! I don’t think there’s any doubt what my splurge-day meals are going to include now, is there?

Thank you, Burrito Gods, for bringing your goodness closer to my hometown. I am forever grateful.

my weekend plans

In 30 minutes I am leaving to go to ft. collins. Annie’s wedding is tomorrow, and rehearsal is at 4:30 today, so we need to get on the road earlier than we usually do.

Tomorrow the wedding pretty much consumes my day. Nail appointment is at 9:00, hair and makeup at noon, and the ceremony is at 5:00. Then Sunday we have to leave in the morning so Tim can be home in time to work at noon.

Somewhere in there I get to give my dad his really super cool birthday present that Tim had the idea for and we just finished making last night. That’s right, it’s homemade. We are awesome like that, and I think it is something my dad is really going to like. Tim has the best ideas, let me tell you.

Do you want to know what it is? Do you? Well, I’ll tell you. See, when my dad picks out a new bottle of wine to try, he usually bases his decision on the art on the label. If he likes the art, he buys the bottle, and thus far he has been very successful in buying delicious wine this way. So Tim’s idea was this – since he likes the label art so much, why don’t we peel some of his favorite labels off of some bottles and frame them? They just added a cool bar to their basement, maybe he’d hang the label art in the new bar and it would look cool. Ladies and gentlemen, I married a genius. So, we used our clothes-steamer to dissolve the label glue and get labels off of 3 yummy and cool looking bottles – 4 Emus, Monkey Bay, and Barefoot. We wanted a Yellowtail, but that label got torn in the removing process, so it was no good. Then we stuck the labels onto black construction paper, so it would have a matted effect, and put them in 5×7 frames. They look so cool. It was a difficult task getting those lables off the bottles, though, let me tell you. It’s a good thing we got to drink the wine as a reward! And we got my dad a bottle of wine (with label and wine still on/in it) to go with it. It’s a bottle that Tim picked out based on the label, and to the best of our knowledge, my dad hasn’t had it before. It’s called Old Fart. It’s cool looking AND funny – everybody wins! I really think my dad is going to like this present!

oh yeah

I was so busy being excited about Ben’s birthday that i forgot to mention that yesterday was also my lj’s 1st birthday. I’ve officially been here a year.

That is all.

weight loss update

I did much better with the calories today. I think the final count is 1640. Pretty darn good. Plus I did a good step workout and Tim bought all sorts of good food – healthy snacks, veggies, fish, chicken…he even bought fresh fruit and put it in single-serving portions in ziploc bags in the freezer so I can eat it when I want and not worry about it going bad. He’s so good!

Also, today is Ben’s birthday. He’s 2. And more adorable than ever.

meme time!

This is the question meme.

First, the questions from J.:
1) Do you want kids someday?
Yes. Probably two, but maybe three (I want 2, he maybe wants 3, [funny, since I grew up in a family with 2 kids and he grew up in a family with 3 – I wonder if there’s some correlation between how many siblings you have and what number of kids you think is ideal. probably.] so I figure if we have 2 boys first, we’ll have a 3rd because i really want a girl. But probably we’ll just have to wait and see what we feel like doing once we have a kid or two). (How confusing was that, by the way, with all those parentheticals [within other parentheticals, even]?)

2) In the movie of your life, what actress would play you?
Renee Zelwegger (or however you spell her name). I’ve been told that she and I look somewhat alike, and I like her acting and I think she’s pretty, so it’s okay with me.

3) Oregon Trail: Would you make it? Who would you be?
Wow, I have no idea. I probably would survive, but I’d be the one complaining and scared because I am not the adventurous type. After the first couple of weeks, though, I’d probably do a lot better, once I got used to everything.

4) If you could make one mythological creature real, which would it be?
Mermaids. But not the scary ugly kind like in Harry Potter. The pretty, singing kind like in the Little Mermaid. I’d also like to use King Triton’s magical powers to become a mermaid myself from time to time and go hang out with them. I am a dork like that.

5) Did you have any imaginary friends growing up?
I vividly remember trying to one day on the playground at preschool. But my imagination has never been all that huge – I’m much more a literal-minded person – and I just kept getting frustrated because there wasn’t actually anyone there. And what are you supposed to do with someone who’s not physically there to do anything with you? Really, I didn’t see the point. But at least I tried, right?

And now on to kat‘s questions:

1 how did you and tim meet/begin dating?
I love this story. We met on September 7, 2002. Tim lived in the Springs, I lived in FC. We were both in school in our respective cities. Tim’s childhood friend John had moved to FC when they were in Jr. High. Lauren (my then roomie) had a big huge crush on John. Tim had just recently gotten back in touch with his long-lost friend, John. John was having a party. Tim almost went camping with some weirdo girl from his school, but decided to come to John’s party instead. Lauren begged me to go to John’s party with her because she couldn’t show up alone to the party of the boy she liked. I didn’t want to go, and almost didn’t go, but she convinced me. We took seperate cars so I could leave early. To sum up, both of us almost didn’t go, but then we did. Fate? I like to think so.
Just as I was getting ready to leave, Tim spotted me and Lauren at the bar in John’s basement and came up and talked to us. He had some great line like, “why are you two drinking alone?” Lauren offered him a shot and he said “I’m not drinking if she’s [indicating me] not drinking.” And who was I to stand in his way? Besides, he was (and still is) cute, and I was okay with staying a while longer if it meant I got to talk to him. Although I did keep trying to stop drinking, but everytime someone offered Tim a shot he said “I’m not drinking if she’s not,” so I drank too. I was doing vodka shots. Tim had already had a bit to drink by this point, so he was doing pucker shots. We had a lot. 8 or 9 I think. We were plastered. We stayed up all night talking, realizing we had a ton in common. At one point we were laying on the floor of John’s basement talking and laughing (Now that I know John and his cleaning habits better, I shudder to think of what grossness was living on that floor we were laying on). Somehow we ended up in a bedroom. We left the door open and the light on, but I specifically remember John appearing in the doorway, smirking, turning off the light, and shutting the door. We just kept on talking, unfazed. Eventually Tim kissed me. We talked and kissed and stuff (we didn’t have sex – i’m not that easy!) all night long. I remember noticing that it was light outside at one point before we finally went to sleep. We slept most of the day. I went home at 5:00pm the day after the party. So much for leaving early!
We met up at a couple more parties after that, and I think the 4th time we saw each other we actually stayed sober and realized “wow, we really are good together! It’s not just the booze!” (romantic, I know) So we started driving 2 hours to see each other every weekend. We’d take turns on who had to drive. It was awesome. Eventually he finished school and moved to FC until I finished school, and now here we are. If it weren’t for Lauren and John convincing us to go to that party, everything would have been different. We are eternally grateful to them, let me tell you.

2 what’s the cutest thing ben has ever done?
What? I have to pick just one? Hmmmmmmmm…..I don’t know if i can narrow it down to one absolute cutest thing ever, but definitely way up there in the rankings was the time he ran and jumped to his favorite spot on the arm of the couch where he can look out the window at the world, but he jumped too far and went sailing right over the couch and fell flat on his face on the floor between the couch and the wall. It was adorable.

3 you have an awesome mom, but what’s the absolute BEST memory you have with her?
Gosh, you’re giving me some seriously hard questions! I hope it’s not cheating, but I’m going to have to pick a moment that happens about once a year. Baking Day. The day at Christmas time when we bake 20-30 coffee cakes that will be distributed to friends on Christmas Eve. We’ve done this for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of standing on a diningroom chair so I could reach the counter and probably not being too terribly helpful, but still having a great time. In more recent years, we have fine tuned the system so that we’re highly efficient even if we do get flour all over ourselves (which may or may not be a partial result of the steady flow of champagne any boys in the house provide us with throughout the day), and have a really enjoyable day baking and talking and singing along to christmas music. It is really great mother-daughter bonding time and i look forward to it probably as much as (if not more than) I look forward to Christmas morning every year. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.

4 if you could have either a bellybutton that dispensed ketchup or the ability to get change for a dollar by putting it in your mouth, which would you choose?
On the one hand, I don’t eat ketchup all that often, so it’s not like that would be useful to me coming out of my bellybutton (not to mention how gross it would make my belly rings!) On the other hand, money is dirty, and I don’t think I’d want it in my mouth. I am assuming the ketchup dispensing is an on-demand thing, not just a constant flow, so I’m going to opt for that. I could always take out my belly ring when a hot dog needed ketchupping.

5 aliens have landed on the lawn. what in your house do you bring them as a peace offering?
Lime Sherbet and Sangria. Who doesn’t love sherbet, first of all. Plus, the lime green would probably be a familiar, non scary color to them. And Sangria is just plain delicious. And I figure getting them a little liquored up and lowering their defenses a bit wouldn’t hurt anything, just in case lime green is a war-declaring color on their planet and I’ve just pissed them off by offering it to them in the form of sherbet. That sangria ought to calm them down again nicely. (Although I should probably remember to take the lime slices out of it before giving it to them in the case that I am trying to calm them down and not provoke more war-fueled hatred.) I sure hope aliens aren’t alergic to citrus!

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