stupid daylight savings time

usually I love daylight savings time. it means I get to sleep an extra hour. but not today. No, today we didnt’ realize we had an extra hour until we were already up and showered. When you’re used to getting up early every day, it’s hard to make yourself sleep in on the weekends. Today was a day that I was sleepy enough that I totally could have slept in, but I had to get up because we had somewhere to be this morning. We have to leave at 10:30. When I sat down to my computer, I thought it was 10:00 and i only had half an hour. That’s when I find out I actually have an hour and a half. I could have slept another hour! But, you know how it is, when you have already gotten up and showered, you’re pretty much awake and there’s not much hope of getting back to sleep quickly enough to take advantage of that extra hour.

So, now I’m up. I don’t feel good, I wish I was sleeping, but that’s not gonna happen. wah, wah, wah. Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, thank you.

In other news, the wedding photo gods hate me, but hopefully that will all be resolved today. If it’s not, I might just die. I hate our wedding photographer on so many levels right now.

Tomorrow my office is having a halloween potluck. I have to think of something halloween-y to make. I may just make muffins with strawberry jelly in the middle and call them bloody muffins. We’ll see. I’ll use my extra hour this morning to hunt down some halloween recipes on el internet, see what requires the least amount of grocery shopping and prep time, and make that.

Also need to buy a pumpkin and carve it tonight. Hope all the good ones aren’t already gone.

Weird dream of last night…

Here’s what happened while I tried to have a good night sleep:

One of my former coworkers apparntely had died. But, really, she’d just gotten a different job. But we were all sad like we would be if she’d died, even though we were hanging out with her right then – it was weird. Even her kids weren’t going to see her anymore. We had an urn of her ashes, but she really was just going to work somewhere else. Really weird.

Turns out she lived right next door to me. Her backyard was GORGEOUSLY landscaped and you could walk right off her beautiful patio onto the beach of the Mediterranean. I wanted to trade houses with her.

Then, a bunch of us were laying on the beach when everything got all dark and it was like we were in a corn maze, but if we used our flashlights, Michael Jackson would see us and come and get us. I was not using my flashlight, but just trying to get out of there, and I bumped right into MJ, who then proceeded to try to rape me. I was screaming and screaming those dream screams that nobody can hear, and finally I got away and ran to Jennifer’s house, which, incidentally, was right next door.

She said to stop screaming (at least she heard me!) and sleep at her house, because I’d be safe there. But then this crazy japanese man came in and said he had to cut off my breasts and it was going to hurt a lot because he wasn’t going to use ANY sort of anisthetic. I threw his equipment in his face, and he was bleeding and upset, then his son came in and was like, “way to go! I’ll help you get away from my dad!” Although he really wan’t much help at all. Then the crazy guy’s wife came in and explained that at the age we were at (Jenn, apparently, now also was at risk of boob removal), no men would want to sleep with us unless we had our boobs cut off and replaced with fake ones. Turns out we were training to be geisha, and this was part of the process.

After lots of running and hiding from the crazy japanese couple with cutting tools (I even locked myself in a bathroom, but there was a window over the door that the woman tried to break to get to me – these people were DETERMINED) We finally reached a compromise that they would just cut a not-so-deep incision around each of our breasts so that when our clients checked to make sure we’d completed the entire become-a-geisha process, we’d have a scar there and they wouldn’t know the difference.

The japanese man was just about done with the second incision on me when Tim’s alarm thankfully went off and I was able to wake up and snuggle up to him and be safe.

I think I may be losing my mind.

I feel like I have not updated in ages. Okay, it’s only been since saturday, but that’s a long time to me.

I finally put together an actual wedding album. Now we have something to show people. This one I did was a pre-designed thing where the pages already looked nice and all I had to do was stick pictures on the pages. With Maggie and Jenn’s scrapbooking expert help, I’m going to attempt to do a bigger one with candids and the like in which I design the pages myself. We’ll see how that goes. I suspect many an afternoon will be spent at the in-laws’ house. Hopefully with good results, though.

Cleaned house all day sunday because the neighbors were coming for dinner. We REALLY need a new vacuum. Ours clogs really easily, and for it to work, after every 10 feet you vacuum, you have to stop and empty the thing that collects all the ick from the floor. Somebody, PLEASE buy us a Dyson! Our house would be so much cleaner!

Dinner was a big hit. Made Jenn’s chicken tacos. I made a lot because whenever she makes them, we always run out of chicken really fast, and there were going to be 7 of us eating Sunday night. Now we have tons of leftovers. I am so completely okay with that. It means easy and delicious lunch and/or dinner all week long! Makes me want to make this chicken every sunday.

the neighbors are so great – we had a really good time with them. They really liked the food and they are just lots of fun to hang out with. Even Ben was social with them instead of doing his usual hide upstairs when company comes thing.

No word on Tim’s job yet. He’ll do a call back on monday. I really hope he gets it. The more I think about it, the less horrible the overnight shift seems and the more I just really really want him to have this job. It would be so great for him.

Keeping our fingers crossed…

So, Tim had a job interview at Fox yesterday. He said it went really well, but they are interviewing for 2 weeks and he was their first (thanks to a tip from our nice neighbor who works there), so he won’t know right away. But he talked to two different guys for a really long time in addition to getting a tour of the area in which he would be working, so that sounds pretty darn good to me. Not to mention that he knows someone who works there. That is always a big help.

This would be such an awesome opportunity for him. The position is Master Controller – something about controlling incoming and outcoming signlas. The main thing is that it’s a foot in the door. I mean, it’s freaking FOX for crying out loud. There’s tons of opportunity for advancement into an actual production job, not to mention that if we ever moved anywhere, he could transfer very easily. Therefore, once I build up some experience in my field, I can start looking for jobs pretty much wherever we want to go in the country, and he can just transfer to the FOX studio where we end up. It would be such a great job for so many reasons – the primary ones being that he would finally be getting paid to work in his field instead of driving around doing deliveries all day. And maybe once he was doing something realated to what he really wants to end up doing, there may be days when I ask him how his day was and he doesn’t say, “eh. it was okay, I guess….” (as he does every single day right now.) I know that even if you’re doing the job you want to be doing, not every day is going to be a good day. But at least not every day would be an annoying day.

Of course, there is a catch. If he gets this job, there is a very high liklihood that he would be working nights. As in, overnight, 4 nights a week. Considering that I do not do well being alone in this house at night (to the extent that, on the rare occasions since we were robbed that Tim has gone camping with John or some such thing that keeps him away all night, I went and stayed with Jenifer), this is not good news to me. However, since I can’t very well go stay with Jenn 4 nights a week and there’s no way I would ever consider asking tim to pass up an opportunity like this one just because I’m a little coward, I guess I’m going to have to face my fears. Or something. I’ll deal with it, and it’ll be fine, I’m sure. The thought just terrifies me at the moment. But it’s not like i’ll be completely alone. I’ll have Ben, after all, who’s possibly more scared of things that go bump in the night than I am.

But, honestly, facing (and hopefully, in the process, overcoming) my fear of being here alone all night is something i am more than willing to do – scary as it may be – to support Tim working towards the job of his dreams. Besides, it’s not like the night shift thing would be permanent by any means. As soon as something in production (or even just a different shift of the Master Controller job) opens up, he could probably get it, and then we’d be back to a more normal work schedule again.

Plus, he’d definitely be making more than either of us is making at the moment, and given our current tight budget, a pay raise is DEFINITELY a good thing. Not as good as Tim having a job he’s happy in, but still really good. So, do us a favor. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets the job. I would ask you to keep your fingers crossed that he gets the job but doesn’t have to work the night shift, but I don’t really want to push my luck at this point. I just want him to have the job.

K, I need to make myself presentable so I can go to the store to get groceries for tomorrow night (neighbors are coming for dinner – yay!), then go work with Maggie and Jen on our wedding scrap book while Tim shoots the final scene of the movie (which, by the way, will be premiering in Ft. Collins on November 5th!!).

Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog

I saw Elizabethtown on Sunday. It was really, really good. When it was over, I just felt good, and, you know, that’s enough for me. If a movie can make me feel all warm and happy inside, it’s a winner.

Also, I forgot to post this at the time, but it still applies: After watching Arrested Development a few weeks ago, my new favorite lawer’s name is Bob Loblaw. Seriously. Say it out loud. It’ll be your favorite, too.

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