This stone is, as we say in Gemology, “important.”

Yesterday was fun times. Went to denver to have lunch with my brother. Once we got through the horrendous traffic on the interstate and found our way to the restaurant after getting lost in downtown, we had a really good time. Then we came home and went shopping to replenish our dvd collection. We got mostly tv series that we wanted and special editions of our favorites. We can get the rest used at blockbuster for way cheap. I was a little nervous going to pay, since we had an entire shopping basket full of dvd’s and i knew it was going to be really expensive. and it was. as much as our monthly mortgage payment. BUT the insurance is supposed to pay for it all when we send them the receipt. However, since insurance is being a pain in the ass, the dvds are remaining wrapped in their celophane until we get the check from insurance, just to be sure. That way we can return them and not go broke if we have to.

Today we have a nice little sunday planned. Tim’s going to do his trailer checks and maybe we’ll hit bed bath for registry shopping goodness. Home for laundry, wedding photo selection, and budget figuring out. May mow the lawn, but I’m thinking probably not.

And it all starts with a shower in 3 … 2 … 1 … now!

Looks like our morning commute has been struck by evil

Saw Sky High last night, because Tim had to see it for his buena vista job and I tagged along. The movie was pretty darn cute, and it had a handfull of laugh-out-loud funny moments. It was, of course, the standard not-so-popular kids rise up and defeat the popular kids, only this time they were all super heroes. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like seeing a movie where you can just sit and enjoy without working your brain too much. Those kind of movies are nice once in awhile.

Also saw trailers for Harry Potter – Goblet of Fire and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (or Chronicles of Narnia, whatever they’re calling it). I am extremely excited for both those movies. Seriously, after those trailers played one right after the other, I thought, “damn, I really wish I was at one of those movies instead of sky high right now.” But then sky high was good, so I didnt’ feel so bad afterwards. Seriously, though, I think the 4th Harry Potter book has been my favorite of the series so far (although I haven’t gotten my hands on the most recent one yet, and I am dying to read it), and I cannot wait to see the film. Also, one of my fondest childhood memories is sitting in my brother’s room almost every night while our dad read the Narnia books to us. I really loved that. I’d like to re-read at least the first book again, maybe before the movie comes out, but I don’t know if there will be time. I do plan on reading it as soon as I can get to it, though.

In other news, I was awakened at about 1:30 this morning to the sound of my dog sneezing non-stop. Apparently Tim was able to sleep right through this somehow. I could not sleep through the noise, and Ben also looked more miserable with every sneeze, and I felt bad for him. I tried to get the dog more water, that didn’t help. I tried putting him outside to pee (why this would stop the sneezing, I don’t know, but I was still a little buzzed from the wine we drank lots of last night, so it seemed like a good plan at the time). He was virtually sneeze free when he was downstairs, but whenever he went back in the bedroom he started sneezing uncontrollably again. So I woke Tim up and said “how do you fix a sneezy dog?” He didn’t know either, but what we did know is that something in our bedroom was making Ben sneeze, and he was fine anywhere else in the house. Since he’s still in his puppy chew up everything stage, we don’t really trust him unattended for any length of time in other rooms of the house, so Ben slept in the garage and is now sneeze-free.

So I just created a profile on my space. I am less than thrilled with it all, but what can I say – I’m bored. One thing I don’t appreciate is this. Since I just created the profile 20 minutes ago, other people I know that are on my space don’t know I’m there yet so I don’t have any friends listed. Surely there’s a better bit of text for the friends area than “Audrey has 0 friends.” Seriously. I know I’ve never been all that popular, but come on. How much more depressing can you be?

and now, for a very exciting update!

Well, exciting for me, anyway. Found out at dance last night that Eddie, the really cool rhythm tap teacher, will in fact be teaching the intermediate/advanced adult tap class in the fall! I am thrilled! Not only do I get to take this class which is guaranteed to be awesome and so much more fun than what I’ve been taking, but also I don’t have to go through the hastle of trying to find a new studio that offers a rhythm class for adults. I am very very excited! Only a couple more weeks of boring old technique drills (I swear, we don’t even learn combinations. all we do is work on technique that never gets put together into any sort of dance. So annoying.) and then it’s back to dancing in a class that teaches the style that is the reason I started tapping in the first place. I cannot wait.

only in America

Just came from dance, and while I was waiting for class to start, I saw a really funny scene. I was watching a ballet class where the teacher was sitting, directing class, and eating McDonald’s. Those poor girls had to do ballet while they smelled french fries.

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