60 guests and counting!

Oops. I just checked my registries. Dammit, I have to control myself! Luckily, noting new was bought, so as long as I can control myself for the next few days, my shower will be full of surprises.

I also just googled myself. Apparently there’s school of dance named after me and also an associate professor of English at some big university with the same name as me. It’s like if you have my name, you are destined to love dance and/or English. Weird. Kinda makes me wonder if I chose to be interested in those two things, or if my name determined that I would be. I then googled myself with my new last name (which will be mine in only 26 days!) and all that came up was someone with that name was listed as a survivor of someone who died in an obituary. At least she was a survivor, not the dead one. That may have put a damper on my new name.

“Candy doesn’t have to have a point. That’s why it’s candy.”

The weekend was fun, although totally different than I thought it would be. Aleisha graduated on Sunday, which was as fun as a graduation ceremony where the microphones don’t work can be. Basically it was an hour and a half of only hearing a word or two every few minutes.
John came to town to celebrate Tim’s birthday. They drank lots of whiskey Sunday night and, as a result, Tim was incredibly hungover all day yesterday (his birthday). So, we didn’t go to the gigantic family fun center as planned. Since this was going to be my present to him, I am now the bad fiancee who didn’t give her fiance a birthday present. I tried to stop him from drinking too much, but you know how drunk people are. They think they’re fine until they fall coming down stairs and have to scoot on their butts to get the rest of the way down, then they go to bed with a bag (or other vomit-catching device) by their side. He claims he had a really good day yesterday, but I still feel bad that my plans for a surprise present (he ruined the surprise by guessing it when he was drunk, anyway) fell through. He didn’t even eat cake at his parents’ house. Not even one little bite. Personally, I would be sad if I was too hungover to eat cake on my birthday. He didn’t seem to care though, so whatever.
John left this morning, and now it’s back to work as usual. My shower is on Saturday and I am SO EXCITED! I’m going to try extra hard not to peek at my registries all week so I’m more surprised at the shower.

Bring your green hat, let’s go!

I have a new favorite drink. Well, second favorite, sangria is still number one. Anyway, the new drink is mango vodka mixed with sprite. It is dangerous, because it tastes like juice and not at all like liquor, so you can drink it really fast without realizing how much vodka you’re drinking. I had five drinks last night. Today my head hurts. But it was so much fun.
Tim and I did some yard work – he dug up fence poles, I mowed the back yard. Ben, surprisingly, is not afraid of the lawnmower. He thinks it’s a fun game to race in front of it and bark at it. He is so cute! Then we each had a drink (Tim and I, not Ben) and showered and made a frozen pizza and watched a movie. (If you can guess what it is based on this entry’s title you are a rockstar). Here’s what happens when we drink and watch movies, though. (and sometimes when we don’t drink) We keep pausing the movie to talk about something. Eventually, the movie has been paused for hours while we have a long, fun, interesting conversation. Last night Tim heard the story of how I decided to be an English major and go into publishing. All these 2 1/2 years we’ve known each other, and he never knew that story. It’s fun learning new things about one another. Eventually we turned off the tv, talked a while longer, and I hit the I’m-too-drunk-to-keep-my-eyes-open wall, so we went to bed. It was a really good night. I love us. we are a great couple.
Yesterday started rough, but turned out to be a good day. Was calling hair salons in Westminster, CO (not CA this time)and was initially told by the first place I called that “there’s no way we could do that,” meaning have 4 up-dos done by 3:00 on my wedding day. This was devastating as it confirmed my fear that it was too late to book a salon. Less than a month is simply not enough notice. So, I called JC Penny and tried to schedule and they said I had to physically be in the salon so I could put down a deposit. Keep in mind that Westminster is over an hour’s drive from where I live. For some reason (probably because of my monthly visitor being here) this sent me straight into a sobbing fit and I had to quickly get off the phone before asking if they were even going to be able to get us in on that day (so I wouldn’t drive up there for nothing) so they wouldn’t know how upset I was. I called tim, who was doing his movie job, and told him I had to go, and he said there’s no way I was driving up there crying and I had to stay home 10 monre minutes so he could come home and drive me up there himself. I am marrying a saint. So we drove up, got everything straightened out, booked a new nail appointment, confirmed the makeup appointment, and everything was very good.
On the way home, we picked up our rings. I am so happy to have my actual ring back, instead of that giant p.o.s. flopping around on my finger. My wedding band is engraved and looks great and is safely at our house and no longer in the hands of the bitchy Zales ladies. Tims ring came in, fits perfectly, and is being engraved. He’ll have it back next saturday. Hooray!
After getting rings, we did yard work, and, well, you know the rest. I feel so much better than I did two days ago.


So today must be national wedding plans fall apart day. I’m making it sound worse than it is, but it’s still been a trying evening. I called my hair place to discuss details with the woman doing our hair for the wedding only to find out that the salon is at the Westminster Mall, as I thought. However, it is at the Westminster Mall in Westminster, CALIFORNIA. FUCK. And so is the place we’re supposed to be getting our nails done at. Double fuck. So, tomorrow I will be cancelling and attempting to reschedule all of those apointments. On top of that, I feel like a total jackass because I failed to notice that the Dillards where we’re having our makeup done (actually in colorado) had a different area code in the phone number than the hair and nail places that were supposedly in the same mall. I am such a fucking idiot sometimes. I know, it’s definitely a minor crisis, and one I’m glad I found out about now, not when I went to get my hair done, but still super stressful and frustrating to have to re-plan something that i thought was all set. And it’s “that time of the month”, so needless to say there’s been a lot of crying.
On top of that, we were discussing our “guestbook” with Tim’s mom, which is a matte for people to sign which we will later use to frame a wedding picture. Way better than some book that’s going to gather dust on a shelf. And she says, “you haven’t bought that yet, have you?” Yes, we have bought it. I am far too organized to leave something like that until the last minute. “Well, do you have a receipt for it?” I believe that would be tripple fuck. Apparently, she was going to surprise us on Tim’s birthday (monday) with a pre-framed signable-matte that she ordered for $100 from pottery barn. fuck fuck fuck fuck. So we looked at hers tonight, and it is gigantic and all white (white matte, white frame, you get the point). Naturally, I don’t like it as much as the one we have, but I feel really bad that her surprise is ruined and now I don’t even really want what she got us. She did say she’d take it back and we could get whatever else we wanted from pottery barn with the money. I do love pottery barn. But I hate that not only is her surprise ruined, but I’m going to hurt her feelings when I tell her that the one we picked out is the one we want to keep. I hate today.
One more time, all together now: FUCK

“And then maybe I’d deserve ya, and be even worthy of ya if I only had a brain.”

Last night was our walk-though at the Chateaux. We finalized our menu with the caterer (It is so going to be yummy!), picked out table cloths, plates and stuff, and decided how the reception room is going to be organized. Everything is coming together. There is now less than a month until I am a married woman(!). All I really have to do is get attendant gifts, print the program, and make a schedule for the day. Those are the major things, anyway. Everything is coming together.
Last night I was super-stressed. Partly because when you have to leave colorado springs at 5:30 to attempt to be in north Denver by 7:00, there is no way in hell you’re going to make it on time. Which we didn’t. We were 20 minutes late. But it was okay because my parents got there on time and the people before us ran late anyway. Then I felt like I should have had all these questions to ask and the walk-through should have taken longer, but I didn’t really have many questions and it went really quick. I felt unsettled and un-prepared, but now I am feeling better. It just went quick because I am way on top of things already. Then we had dinner with my parents, which was delicious and fun and relaxing. Especially because there was beer invovled. Tim was a saint and drove home while we listened to the tape (you remember cassette tapes, right?) my dad made of possible father-daughter dance songs. It was a very easy decision, as one of the songs on there was the one I already had in mind but hadn’t mentioned to him. Then, of course, I-25 was closed through Castle Rock, so we had to detour, and we weren’t home until 11:30. For us old, working folk, that’s way past our bedtime. Dealing with traffic and having what should have been just over an hour -long drive take two hours each way did not help my stress level any. Sleeping, on the other hand, did, and i am feeling better today.
Thank god it is friday. And it is a 3-day weekend. And Tim’s birthday is on Monday. And John is coming to town for tim’s birthday, which is fun. (He called me at work yesterday and said “Hi, I’m looking to publish some porn in braille…” It took me a minute to recognize his voice, since John never calls me, especially at work, but then it was really funny.)
I am excited to mow the lawn tomorrow. It will be good to get fresh air and clear my head.

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