I hate today.

Today was the longest Saturday I have had in a long time. Overall feeling of not being good enough hovered in my head most of the day. Lots of crying. I hate crying and thus felt worse about myself after doing so. Was not fun.
Also saw “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” – was very disappointing. Not recommended.
Also went to Carrabba’s for Tim’s dad’s birthday. Food was okay, but I was/am having a shitty day so I had a hard time havng fun. It was good to get out of the house at least.
That’s all.


At least there were no flat tires on my car today.

Why do tires insist on being flat??

Was saying goodbye to Tim this morning when he looked out the window and noticed that I had ANOTHER FLAT TIRE! Dammit!! Apparently I drove over the naily board with both tires on the passenger side of my car. Tim pumped it full of air and I promptly showered (having just woken up) and took the car to Goodyear. This tire’s puncture was in the sidewall, thus no patch possible, thus $80 on a new tire. That, ladies and gentleman, is what savings accounts are for. Ideally, I’ll just spend less money elsewhere this month and work it into my budget, but who knows if I’m that well disciplined or not. My guess is not.
Work was standard. Except that I couldn’t see across the street until 1:00 pm due to incredibly thick fog all day. It was eerie, and serene at the same time. I’m a big fan of fog, personally. In 9th grade my English class took a field trip to a ranch in the mtns where we were supposed to write all day (presumably about nature). It was foggy and so beautiful. Easily one of the prettiest days I’ve spent in the mountains. Despite being cold and wet, it really was peaceful and quiet – I think that’s what made all the difference. Horses on the ranch would just emerge out of the fog – it was like being in a fairy tale. The fog was that bit that most would call imperfection; but that little bit of imperfection created perfection for me that day. It was gorgeous.
Bought taco bell on the way home (see what I mean about no self-discipline?)and it was as delicious as taco bell always is. When we were looking at this house, thinking about buying it, one of the first things I noticed (besides the perfection of the house itself) was that either way you went on the main road near here, you hit a taco bell within a few blocks. Location, as they say, is everything.

Events of the day

Met Becca from David’s for coffee at the butt-crack of dawn as she has to be at work at 8. (I don’t go until 9.) Was well worth the early morning, though, as we had much fun catching up and have plans to get together again and introduce our husbands (future husband, in my case). I’m finally feeling settled in this town – almost like it’s home. I have a career, a house, a dog (a very adorable one!), and am starting to make new friends – always a plus when you move to a new town.
On the way there, I happened to drive over a board. More on that later.
Had lots of time to read one of my favorite books ever, Good Omens, both before work (I got there early after coffee with Becca) and at lunch. Discovered couch near my desk is a pleasant and comfy place to read – especially when it’s quiet around the office.
Left work and discovered my car was driving funny. Pulled over to realize that the board I ran over earlier apparently had a nail sticking out of it and I now had a flat tire. Shucks. Called Tim (I hate to admit that I am a typical girl and didn’t know how to change a tire by myself – I learned today though!) and he rescued me (meaning changed my flat) and we went to goodyear to get the tire patched. Only cost $18, which was good – I am new to this car maintenence cost coming out of my account stuff (yes, my parents took good care of me all through college – financially and otherwise).
Finally made it home to eat dinner of leftovers (lasagna, enchiladas, pizza, and beer – yum!) and watch some TV. Good stuff. Also we have hotel reservations in Denver for the wedding weekend – one more thing off the checklist! And the invitations will be back from the printer soon. Wooo! Wedding! (yes, I am very excited for my wedding – you would be too if you were marrying the perfect man.)
This entry is ridiculously long and I am exhausted from getting up so early (although not as bad as I thought I would be – I wasn’t even craving a nap today). So Goodnight.