Creepy, not Cuddly

I’ve been lounging on the couch most of the evening, snuggled up with a good book, and I just got up to turn a light on and discovered a big, nasty, mean-looking spider casually hanging out on the back of the couch. Talk about unsettling.

It reminds me of the time a few months ago when I was getting ready for bed and I looked at Tim, already in bed and snuggled up with an e-book. There was a dark spot of lint or fuzz or something on the pillow next to him and, because my first thought upon seeing any dark piece of lint is, “is that a spider?” I lightheartedly said to him, “Is there a spider on your pillow?” (Even though I knew it was most likely just a harmless piece of lint.) Tim slowly turned his head to discover that the harmless piece of lint mere inches from his face was, in fact, a big, nasty spider. I watched in awe as he calmly got out of bed, found something suitable for spider-squishing, and took care of the situation, not acting at all like someone who has just been in bed snuggled up with an unfriendly spider. He later admitted to being rather freaked out about his nasty bed bug (and he probably thanked me profusely for saving his life).

I’m a little irritated that our neighborhood spiders seem to be under the impression that we would like them to come into our house and try to cuddle with us. I’m also annoyed about the big, ugly spider-gut stain that now adorns the back of my couch and won’t come out, despite my best blotting and scrubbing efforts.

Fungus Among Us?

I’m curious: What is your opinion regarding footwear in the office?

A. Employees should wear shoes at all times.
B. Slipping off your shoes at your desk is acceptable, as long as you wear them whenever you get up and walk around the office.
C. Footwear, schmootwear…comfort is priority #1, even if that means spending the whole day walking around the office in socks.
D. Shoes and socks are overrated; walking around the office barefoot is totally acceptable.

Please discuss.

Monday Bullets

  • Tim is currently on Fall break, which means he hasn’t had to work last week or this coming week. Of course, rather than dwell on how hard he’s worked first quarter and what a great opportunity this will be for him to relax, I immediately start thinking about how I can make Fall break work for me. At first, I thought I’d get a deck out of Fall break. We want to build a deck off of our dining room, where the new-ish door is, and Tim had made noises about maybe building it over fall break. Of course, now that fall break is upon us, Tim is busy “organizing his classroom” and “attending teacher trainings” and “relaxing.” So, I will not be getting a deck. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a clean garage, a mowed lawn, and maybe a clean house. A girl can dream, can’t she?
  • Speaking of the garage, ours is now home to two bikes. I’ve missed having a bike (mine was stolen a few years ago), so I took advantage of end-of-summer sales and brought my bike-less state to an end. I intended to ride it to work — I even did a test-run of the route a few weekends ago and determined that it’s a 15-minute, mostly downhill ride to my office. It’s uphill coming home, of course, but I’d rather come home from work sweaty than arrive at work sweaty. So, anyway, I kept my eye on the weather and picked a particularly warm day to ride to work. I was all ready to go, went out to the garage . . . and discovered both my tires were flat. So, no riding to work that day, or any other day until the weekend when I learned how to change flat bike tires. And now that my tires are fixed, Fall is setting in full-force, making the mornings extra chilly. And I may be too much of a chicken to brave a cold morning bike ride. There’s always next spring…
  • Speaking of exercise, one of my favorite at-home workouts, as I may have mentioned, is Dance Dance Revolution. I have been stuck on one song for ages now, and last weekend I pulled out the dance mat and plugged in the game, determined to get a higher score than the computer opponent AND complete the song with 3 or fewer “boos.” Not an easy task, my friends. Five tries later, I DID IT! FINALLY! I did a little victory dance while the dogs gave me strange looks. Then I looked back at the TV to see what the next challenge would be . . . and the game credits were rolling. Turns out I beat the game — no wonder winning that song was so hard!  The workout’s not over yet, though. As soon as the credits finished rolling, the game invited me to start again, only on difficult mode this time. Y’all, it’s kicking my ass, but it’s so much fun. The best part is I’m not stuck doing the same song over and over and over and over. And over. There’s a lot to be said for variety when it comes to enjoying your workout.

Plot Holes: Filled

When I asked about plot holes last week, I got some really good questions. Today I’ll do my best to answer those questions in addition to giving you updates on a couple of things that nobody asked about but that I know could stand to be updated.

All-Important Updates on the Dogs

Ben is peeing on Smalls far less frequently lately. We invested in a squirt gun (and when I say “we invested” I mean “we spent $6 on”) and kept an eye on him for the first few days after I originally posted about the issue. Far as I can tell, it only took one squirt of the squirt gun mid-leg-lift for him to learn his lesson.

Smalls occasionally lays on the dog bed, but does not actually sleep on it. Exhibit A.

Abbie asked: What I want to know is, do you and Tim ever have arguments, you guys seem so perfect to me and logic screams that’s impossible. I do adore you guys and someday I hope to find someone to love as much as you two love each other.

Yeah, of course we argue from time to time. But that’s not something I’m ever going to blog about. Nic said it much better than I can in her post earlier this year about Unbloggables, but what it ultimately comes down to is this: I don’t feel that an online, public forum is an appropriate place at all for me to write about bickering with my husband. There are a lot of private parts of our life that I don’t write about here, and the occasional disagreement is one of those things that falls under the private label. Posting about that kind of thing is only going to embarrass us both, not to mention that we would then probably argue about me blogging about us arguing. Furthermore, what disagreements we do have are hardly a defining aspect of our marriage; our love and happiness and support of each other are really what define our marriage, so that’s what I write about. Additionally, in the event that we do argue, it’s usually over some small thing that we’ve both completely forgotten in a few days anyway. What would be the point of permanently documenting such insignificant, petty disagreements? I blog about things that I want to remember and revisit in the future; I see no reason to clutter my blog archives with something unimportant that I’m not going to look back on fondly.

On a related note, I like my blog to be a place to write about the more positive aspects of my life. Even if I’m not having a good day, it can be really helpful to try to put a positive spin on something or, at the very least, find a way to laugh at whatever is causing the not-so-good day. I’m not trying to come off as perfect; I’m just trying to have fun.

Kat asked: When did you get so CRAY-ZAY? I’ve been waiting on that story for like 10 years.

Funny, we’ve known each other for a little more than like 10 years. Seems awfully coincidental that I’ve allegedly been so CRAY-ZAY since shortly after I met you, doesn’t it?

Britt asked: I’m left hanging whenever you talk about tap dancing. Where are the pictures? The videos? What songs do you dance to? Help me out a little! The suspense is killing me!! and Erin asked: I have to agree with Britt about the tap dancing! Can we see pictures? What made you decide to take tap? Can you make a little video blog recital for us? Please?

Honestly, I had no idea y’all would be so interested in my tap dancing. I always figured it’s just this thing I do, and I love it, but surely other people don’t care that much. I stand corrected.

I started to write up a response to your questions, Britt and Erin, but it quickly turned into a monstrously long answer that is best left to its own post. I’ll keep working on that and post it another day.

Hope this has helped answer those burning questions of yours. (Unless you’re Britt or Erin, in which case I know this hasn’t helped at all, but answers are coming soon, I promise!)

Because I Know You Care Deeply

  • Tim and I don’t like cleaning, but we love having a clean house. We go through cycles where we’ll clean, keep the house clean for a few days, and then the clutter will slowly build up again until we’re both at our breaking point and have to spend the better part of our weekend cleaning again. I know we could, in theory, do a little bit of cleaning every day (and I admire those of you with the dedication to do that!), but that’s just not our style. Luckily, we have about the same threshold of tolerance for how far we’ll let the clutter level go before we can’t take it any longer, so it’s rare that either of us is nagging the other about needing to clean. It’s a pretty good system for us.
  • My “Recent Reads” thingy over there on the sidebar recently decided to show a few random books that I did not in fact read recently. This is irritating to me, and I don’t know how to fix it.
  • I just used “recent” and “recently” way too much in that last bullet.
  • I have a new-to-me (gently used) chair at work, and it is so much better than my last one. It has armrests. And adjustable back support that actually stays in place when you adjust it. What a concept.
  • My favorite flip flops that I bought in Spain are starting to fall apart. I guess after 4 years of nearly constant use, it was bound to happen, but I’m still not ready to accept the fact that this may be the last summer they see.
  • I have 2 discs of pictures burned and waiting to be sent/delivered to people. There’s no good reason they haven’t been sent/delivered already except that I’m lazy. Maybe next time we clean house the CDs will get packaged up to be sent/delivered as part of de-cluttering the office.

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