Smalls Sunday



She’s just a little girl dog…who snores like an old man.

Smalls Sunday: Fin

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since we drove to Kansas and adopted Smalls, and at the same time it’s hard to believe we’ve only had her for a year. She’s learned a lot in the last year — how not to pee in the house, how to drive her brother crazy, and how to avoid getting caught when she’s up to no good. Likewise, we’ve learned a lot from her — how much puppy snuggling is too much (answer: it’s never too much), how to live with a dog who can’t be trusted (thank goodness for the baby gate), and how living with two dogs is twice as much fun as living with one dog (usually).

It’s been a great year, but the time has come to say goodbye to Smalls Sundays. Don’t worry, though — you can still get your weekly fix of both Smalls and Ben on Wednesdays. I’m sure Smalls will do her best to hog all the attention, as usual.

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Smalls Sunday: Super Ball Dilemma

One of Smalls’s favorite games is Couch Fetch. To play this game, at least one person must be hanging out on the couch, preferably trying to take a nap, so she can jump up on the back of the couch, drop a ball on us, and impatiently wait for the ball to be thrown over a shoulder. The ball then bounces down the stairs into the basement, and Smalls tears after it and retrieves it so she can start the game all over again. It’s super fun for everyone involved.

Sometimes, though, the game gets complicated. Since whoever is throwing the ball over his or her shoulder doesn’t bother to look where the ball goes, a lot of times the ball will just hit a wall and not bounce down the stairs at all. Sometimes Ben interferes and tries to steal the ball away from Smalls. And sometimes, the ball ends up somewhere very puzzling indeed.

Don’t worry — after several minutes of contemplating the Ball in the Shoe, she eventually got it out and was able to resume the game.

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Smalls Sunday: Crazy for Kibble

One of the many changes that took place when we got Smalls is the way we feed our dogs. Ben doesn’t typically get too excited over a bowl of kibble, and he was perfectly content to munch a few bites whenever it suited him throughout the day. For us, this meant we had to put effort into feeding him about once every three days — which is roughly how long it took him to finish off a full bowl of food. It was easy as can be. No remembering to feed him twice a day, no guilty feeling that we needed to cut our evenings short so we could go home and rescue our starving dog, no stress whatsoever.

And then Smalls showed up and all that easy-peasy, low-maintenance dog ownership stuff went right out the window. Not only does Smalls get excited over a bowl of kibble, but she is not one to let her regular breakfast or dinner time slip by without giving us a stern talking to. She has gotten into the habit of eating at 7 am and 7 pm, and typically around 6:45 she’ll start giving us her sob story about how she’s starving to death, wasting away into nothing, oh my goodness she might just fall over and die if she doesn’t get some food right this second. It’s a very sad story she tells, filled with lots of crying and shameless belly displays.

When I finally get around to feeding her rescuing her from the brink of starvation, it’s very exciting. There is a lot of jumping, tail wagging, and standing up to see if there’s any food in the bowl yet.

How she has energy for this pre-meal party when she was obviously about to keel over and die just moments before, I will never know.

Ben has adapted to the new feeding schedule, too. Much as he’d prefer to graze on his kibble all day, he knows that if he doesn’t get in there and get a few bites as soon as the bowl hits the floor, Smalls will gobble it all up with no consideration whatsoever for how hungry her brother might be. She’s a little bit selfish, that Small Dog.

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Smalls Sunday: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Last night while I worked out in the basement, Tim was hanging out upstairs, apparently completely oblivious to what the dogs were up to. Shortly after I finished my workout, we discovered this:

That’s the bottom of one of our living room curtains. Hint: the corner of the curtain is not supposed to be wet and shredded.

Now, since nobody saw it happen, we can’t say for sure who the guilty party is. But if I had to guess…

Looks to me like someone’s trying to hide from her guilty conscience.

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