Work Out Wednesday: Crunch Time!

Hello, all you awesome GaGA participants! Anna was going to post this today, but she is busy training her replacement before going to her Awesome! New! Job! so y’all have to put up with my writing again this week.

(Secret note to Ben: Don’t worry, little guy, your post will be up later today — I promise!)

I just opened up Anna’s Master Spreadsheet of Awesomeness, and holy crap have you guys been busy! I am seriously impressed.

Let’s start with last week’s top 5:

  1. Operation Pink Herring — 1,450 (No, that’s not a typo. This newly-engaged chica spent all of last week walking and hiking around Barcelona. To say that I am jealous would be a gross understatement.)
  2. Kat — 450 (Sure, it’s 1,000 less than OPH, but still very impressive!)
  3. KM — 410
  4. Alayna — 365
  5. -R- — 335

Anna and I were active for 215 and 275 minutes respectively. Deidra went back to school last week, which kept her a bit too busy to workout, but she is already making room in her schedule for more activity this week. Plus, I think it’s fair to say that OPH worked out enough for the both of them, don’t you think?

All together, we were active for a total of 3,395 minutes this week. We are so awesome.

The ever-helpful pie-chart breakdown:

The standings for the month as of January 20 are as follows:

  1. Operation Pink Herring — 2645
  2. KM — 1555
  3. Kat — 1391
  4. Alayna — 1125
  5. -R- — 1027

Anna, Deidra, and I are at 736, 945, and 950 respectively.

The grand total of activity minutes thus far in January is a whopping 15,536. Y’all. That is a lot of minutes!

Last week we discussed potential prizes for the month’s winner(s). With your help, the three of us have come to an agreement on what the prize(s) will be. Trust me, it’s going to be Awesome. I’m going to keep the decision a secret for now, but all will be revealed next week: prize(s), winner(s), and some other awesome stuff too.

This week, answer me this: Of all the ways you’ve gotten active so far this month, what has been your absolute favorite form of activity? For me, it’s my Monday night Tap class. What’s yours?

I’d also like to send a shout-out to all the non-GaGA readers out there. I get the feeling that you’re a little jealous of how much fun we’ve all been having this month, am I right? Well, have I got news for you! This Friday marks the beginning of a new month, which means the beginning of a whole new round of GaGA — and we want you to join us! Everyone’s minute totals will reset to zero on the 1st, so now is the best time of all to join the fun. You’ll have just as fair a shot at winning an Awesome prize next month as everyone else, and participating is as easy as working out and sending the occasional email. Getting active has never been so AWESOME!

Leave us a comment or shoot us an email — mondayminutes [at] gmail [dot] com — and let us know that you’re interested. You know you want to!

WOW! It’s Work-Out Wednesday!

Wow, what can I say? Y’all have been working out like crazy! All together, we were active for 4,605 minutes last week. That’s so awesome!

The top-five Awesomely Active folks for this week are:

  1. Nic — 435
  2. Meg — 375
  3. Alayna — 360
  4. KM — 330
  5. Kat — 310

We, your humble moderators, reported the following Activity Minutes:

  1. Audrey — 250
  2. Deidra — 210
  3. Anna — 200

The fancy pie-chart breakdown of the week’s minutes is as follows.

Since January is just about over, I thought you might like to see what the competition is looking like for total minutes for the month. Current top-five contenders are:

  1. KM — 1,145
  2. Nic — 825
  3. Kat — 798
  4. Laurel — 775
  5. Alayna — 760

The three of us have the following totals for January so far:

  1. Deidra — 950
  2. Audrey –670
  3. Anna — 521

And here is the fancy pie chart of the breakdown of the whopping 11,703 minutes each and every one of us has spent being active since the beginning of 2008:

Now, on to the question of the week. In past weeks we’ve talked about what we’re all doing to increase our minute totals and what we hope to gain from the whole GaGA experience. This week, let’s discuss something really important — prizes!

Every month, the most active person will be getting an awesome prize. Anna, Deidra, and I were tossing around a few ideas as to what this Awesome Prize could be and we had some pretty awesome ideas.

Our favorite idea is to have an actual, real-life trophy that would be mailed to the winner each month. You, the winner, would keep and care for the trophy for the following month. You may decorate the trophy in some way and/or take pictures of the trophy’s adventures with you (trophy at the gym, trophy playing DDR … the possibilities are both endless and hilarious). Then you would be responsible for sending the trophy to the next month’s winner so that he/she may care for it, decorate it, and document its travels for the next month.

Now, this idea, awesome as it is, does require a certain amount of dedication and responsibility on your part. If you win, you would need to provide one of us with a mailing address. You would also need to commit to sending the trophy to the next winner (or back to one of us, who could then pass it along to the next winner) at the end of the month. This trophy would be relatively small and lightweight so that shipping costs would remain low. And, most importantly, you would need to post pictures of the Trophy’s Travels on your blog (or send us pictures to post if you don’t have a blog).

So, are you up to the task? Can you commit to giving the Trophy the love and care it needs, should you win? Or should we have a different prize altogether?

Let’s take a poll:

What should the official Get active. Get AWESOME! Awesome prize of Awesomeness be?

a. Traveling Trophy. We are committed to maintaining the awesomeness of this idea, and we will not let the trophy down.
b. An “I got active. I got AWESOME!” badge to proudly display on your blog.
c. A playlist of songs guaranteed to keep you active.
d. ___________ (Fill in the blank with some other totally awesome prize that we have yet to think of but you know would be perfect.)

Let us know how best to reward you for being so damn awesome, and keep up the good work!

Some GaGA Business

Is everybody ready to start getting active and AWESOME tomorrow? I know I am! I got a couple of new workout DVDs for Christmas that I can’t wait to try out. I am excited to get 2008 off to a great start!

Over the weekend I sent out an email from the MondayMinutes address to all current Get active. Get AWESOME! participants. The email included a spreadsheet for y’all to use to keep track of your activity minutes starting tomorrow morning. If you didn’t get this email, or the attachment didn’t work, or whatever, please let Anna, Deidra, or me know so we can make sure you are just as ready to track your minutes as everyone else.

As of right now, the Get active. Get AWESOME! participant list is as follows:

Dave S.
Operation Pink Herring
And, of course, your Awesome Activity Hostesses: Anna, Deidra, and me.

Should your name be on that list? Did you sign up and we accidentally left you off? Did you mean to sign up but forgot? Let us know, and we’ll add you and get you your very own Awesome Activity Tracking Spreadsheet!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to lots of activity and overuse of the word “Awesome” in ’08!

Get Active. Get AWESOME!

Some of us around the Internet, namely Anna, Diedra, and I, are feeling a little less than motivated to keep up with any good exercising habits we may previously have had. So we decided to do what everybody and their brother does at this time of year: resolve to work out more in the new year. But we decided to do it with a little more Awesome. And, good news! You can join us in this Resolution of Awesomeness!

We hereby present, for your consideration, the “Get Active. Get AWESOME!” exercise challenge of 2008. Because what’s more motivational than a little friendly competition?


Here’s the deal: Anyone who wants to participate is more than welcome. All you have to do is let us know you’re participating, and then get your awesome self active. Starting January 1, 2008, we’ll all keep track of how many minutes we spend being active every day, and whoever has the most minutes at the end of the month will win an awesome prize. And then we’ll start all over and do it again the next month. Sounds awesome, right?So, what constitutes being active? Basically anything that gets you moving! From a quick walk at lunch to hard-core aerobic and weight workouts, as long as it gets you off the couch and gets your heart rate up, it counts! The focus here is not on weight loss or counting calories — it’s all about being active! (And hey, if a pound or two falls off in the process, that’s a pretty awesome side effect!)

You totally want to sign up, right? Awesome. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment here and/or Email us at MondayMinutes [at] gmail [dot] com letting us know that you want to sign up. All we need is your name or nickname and your blog url (if you want any linky love, that is). You can sign up whenever you want — latecomers will just have to work harder to keep up! — but the sooner you sign up, the more awesomeness you’ll get to enjoy.
  2. Grab one of those hott buttons up there to proudly display on your blog. (I don’t know much about this Barney character, but I have always thought Doogie Howser was a cutie, so I’m happy to let him motivate me any day!)
  3. Before January 1st, we’ll email all participants a fancy excel spreadsheet to keep track of your activity minutes. All you’ll have to do is put in the number of minutes for each day (Just minutes, not hours and minutes. So, 2 hours would be recorded as 120 minutes), and the spreadsheet does the rest! Okay, it doesn’t exercise for you, but it will add up your weekly and monthly totals so that you don’t have to do any math. (We’re exercising our bodies, folks, not our minds.)
  4. This is the most important step: Get off the couch and get active! And keep track of how many minutes you spend being active each day.
  5. Every Monday is Minutes Monday. Email us your minutes from the preceding week (any exercise you did between the previous Monday morning and Sunday at midnight), and we’ll record everyone’s totals into our very own, very awesome spreadsheet.
  6. Every Wednesday is Work Out Wednesday (WOW, for short). One of us will post the top exercisers’ minutes along with our own minutes so you can see how you’re doing in comparison to the competition.
  7. Sometime before midnight on February 1st, send us your grand total for the month of January. Winners and prizes will be announced on February 2nd. That’s right, the month’s top exerciser(s) will get an Awesome Prize. (Anna, Deidra, and I will not be eligible for prizes.) You know you want it. And the best way to get it is to get active, and get AWESOME!
  8. February 1st will mark the beginning of the next month’s challenge. We’ll all start fresh with brand new activity-tracking spreadsheets and do it again!

Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Simply shoot us an email at MondayMinutes [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll send you an answer as soon as we can!