Wednesday-Bensday! Special Teacher’s Pet Edition

I know some of you have already seen this on Facebook, but it is simply too cute not to re-post.

Teacher's Pet

As a bonus, I give you the Kid Quote of the Day from Tim’s first day back after Christmas Break:

Kid: “Are we going to learn about the Boston Tea Party?”
Mr. Tim: “Yes.”
Kid: “But I hate Sarah Palin!”

. . .

In other news: Happy Birthday, Gary!

In which we avoid mentioning the fact that tomorrow I officially enter my Late Twenties

Mr. Tim’s class worked extra hard last quarter to prepare for and take the state’s high-stakes standardized test. As a reward for their diligence, he let the students vote on what type of class pet they’d get this quarter. The top three choices were: (1) a frog, (2) a snake, and (3) a starfish.

Since frogs and snakes both pose a flight risk (and I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having either of these creatures in my house over the weekend before they were taken to their classroom home), Tim hunted all around town for a starfish. He eventually found one and got it settled in one of the extra tanks we have in our garage from a time when Tim coped with my being in Spain for two months by filling the apartment with aquariums.

But Mr. Tim didn’t stop there. He decided the kids had worked hard enough to earn an entire tankful of pets, so the starfish spends his days with a Flame Hawkfish and a scuttle of hermit crabs.

I’m pretty sure this qualifies Mr. Tim for an Awesomest Teacher Ever nomination.

Overheard in the Classroom

Larry*: Mr. Tim, I need to call my dad and tell him I’m cold.

Mr. Tim: Larry, you do not need to call your dad. But you can put on your jacket if you want.

Larry: (Exasperated eye rolling and scoffing takes place.) It’s a jacket. What’s that supposed to do?

*Not his real name.

I Must Be REALLY Boring

Here’s a little gem that Mr. Tim found in his classroom one day.

Some days I, myself, wonder how I put up with Mr. Tim. After all, he is, like, the most boring guy on the planet. But, you know, I am pretty boring, too. Most of the time Tim and I just sit around at our boring house in Boring-ville being boring together.

Wednesday-Bensday! Special “Overheard at the Water Bowl” Edition

As promised, here is this year’s Sangria Family Christmas Card, in which Ben and Smalls review the major events of the year: Smalls’s arrival, Tim’s graduation party, the new door, our new jobs, the skunk incident, and our new niece.

(Click for the annotated version on Flickr for easier reading.)

I’m sure Kaya, Rufus, Bailey,¬†and Daisy share Ben and Smalls’s wishes that you all have a very safe and happy New Year!

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