Send Ice Cream

My morning, 6:30am to 10:00am:

  • Wake up 30 minutes early in order to go see Tim’s classroom and help him do a little setting up before work.
  • Let dogs out, shower, get dressed.
  • Wonder why shirt feels so tight around front of neck.
  • Discover shirt is on backwards.
  • Fix shirt.
  • Let dogs in, wrangle muddy dogs into tub for clean up.
  • Head to kitchen to make breakfast fruit smoothie.
  • Have never made breakfast fruit smoothie before. Improvise. Document process with photos for possible Whip It Up post.
  • Load blender. Hit “Blend.”
  • Watch as blender “blends” with no results.
  • Add more liquid, stir with spoon, shake blender.
  • Still nothing.
  • Continue to fight with blender until finally have something resembling smoothie.
  • Pour into cup.
  • Spill half of blender contents on counter.
  • Out of paper towels. Use 15 napkins to clean up.
  • Sample smoothie. Make unpleasant face in reaction to flavor and texture.
  • Head upstairs to dry hair.
  • Finish drying hair. Grab flat iron to style.
  • Realize flat iron is not turned on.
  • Stand in bathroom and wait for flat iron to warm up.
  • Style hair, reach for hair spray.
  • Hair spray nozzle clogged. No time to fix.
  • Resign self to having bad hair day.
  • Head out the door 10 minutes later than planned.
  • Follow Tim to school.
  • Load arms with stuff to take into classroom.
  • Hear Tim (can’t see him over armfuls of stuff) realize he forgot his keys to the school.
  • Put stuff back in Tim’s car.
  • Go back home, get keys, return to school with significantly less time to help Tim set up classroom.
  • Re-load arms with stuff to take into classroom. Try not to drop any of it on longest walk ever through school hallways.
  • Arrive at classroom. Offer approval of what Tim has done with it so far. Stress about not getting to help set up very much.
  • Hang fabric on two bulletin boards, leave for work later than planned.
  • Try not to despair at the fact that nothing is going as well as it should this morning.
  • Hit every possible red light on the way to work.
  • Arrive at work. Do best to doctor up foul office coffee with hot chocolate mix in attempt to perk up.
  • Sort through email, choke down coffee.
  • Hear something that sounds like plastic hitting floor. Investigate.
  • Discover that button has just come off of pants. Fantastic.
  • Should probably revise ice cream request to read: “Send Gym Membership.”

And the day has only just begun.

Bon Voyage

Today my father-in-law left for Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia. Which is very far away from here. And which is where he and my mother-in-law (who is splitting her time between here and there for the next few months due to scheduling and working and stuff) will be living for the next 3-5 years at least. This is very strange to think about.

On the one hand, of course I am sad that they’re moving away. I love them dearly and will miss being able to see them whenever I feel like it. I really, really lucked out getting the in-laws I did, and I have been incredibly lucky to share this city with them for the past 2 1/2 years.

But on the other hand, I am extremely happy for my father-in-law. They’re moving because he got a promotion. A promotion that he has been waiting to get for the past 4 years, if not longer. A promotion that he has wanted so badly that he has delayed his retirement for it. He is really excited about this promotion, and I am really excited for him.

Now, ever since the people he works for started the very long and often-delayed process of selecting someone for this promotion, we have known that Dennis (that’s my father-in-law) had a good shot at it. And we have also known that it would require him to live in a different part of the country for a few years. We have had plenty of time to prepare for this.

But somehow, because of how long it took, because of all the delays, it started to seem like maybe it wasn’t going to happen. Like maybe we could just keep him here for always. So in that sense, we never really prepared for this.

At least not until a few months ago when they finally gave him the job and told him he’d be moving to Atlanta. But even then, it felt like the process was still so full of potential delays that we might still get to keep him around for awhile. At least until the end of the year. But those people that he works for finally got their act together and started moving things along quickly. And so last night we all got together for dinner and fun family times, and this morning Dennis got in his car and started the 3-day trip to Atlanta.

It still doesn’t feel completely real. Maybe because Maggie’s (that’s my mother-in-law) still here. Maybe because Dennis will be back for a bit at the beginning of October, and probably again at Christmas. To me, it feels a little more like he’s on an extended vacation at this point.

I think the reality will slowly sink in. When Maggie goes to join Dennis in the condo they have purchased in Atlanta, it will sink in a little more. If we were joining Tim’s sisters to spend Thanksgiving in Atlanta (we’re doing Turkey Day with my family this year) and after Thanksgiving we all came back home and they stayed behind, it would sink in a little more. When we spend Christmas together as a family and then have to say our goodbyes again, this time maybe not knowing when exactly we’ll see each other next, that is when I think it will really hit me.

But even when it really hits me — that my parents-in-law live in Atlanta — I will still be able to take comfort in the fact that they are coming back, eventually. This is not a permanent move. Their home is here, and they will return home when Dennis retires.

And until then, we will miss them. But we have cell phones, and web-cams, and email, and being able to stay in touch so well makes the sadness a little less. And we have the happiness that comes from the knowledge that Dennis is doing a job he loves, and that, too, makes the sadness a little less.

Dennis, I hope you have a wonderful “extended vacation” in Atlanta. And I am so very happy for you — so happy that you are finally getting this opportunity. And I can’t wait to see you again in just a few short months.

We miss you. We are very happy for you.

And most of all, we love you.

(Sorry about the major cheese factor. But it’s true.)

Still working on it…

So, yeah. Blog’s not fixed yet. WordPress support thinks it’s a problem my hosting service needs to fix, so I’ve sent a request to that support crew and hopefully it will all be resolved tomorrow.

I’m way behind on reading everyone’s blogs because I’m just so frustrated and sick of staring at my computer. I’d prefer to read when my brain’s not too fried to come up with a decent comment or two. I’ll try to get caught up tomorrow.

A couple of things i was going to write about this weekend before it all went to hell:

1. I still haven’t seen Deadwood. Turns out I drank too much sangria trying to catch up with John and Tim who had been drinking whiskey all afternoon and fell asleep after only 10 minutes of the show. The cheap sangria we buy has a tendency to knock me out like that. So, I’ll try watching it again another time and let you know what I think of it then.

2. Today we saw Happy Feet. It was super cute, really really cheesy, and completely random. Really not a very good movie, but I still absolutely loved the tap-dancing penguins. They made me giggle enough that it was completely worth seeing the movie.

3. Back on the topic of highly-acclaimed HBO shows, Tim and I started watching Six Feet Under yesterday. It is, of course, very very good. HBO knows how to make good television, simple as that. I had a hard time watching the pilot just because it brought back a lot of emotions from last Christmas Eve (I’d link to the post that would explain this, but, well … the blog, it is broken. [link added after blog was fixed] to sum up: a good friend of mine passed away last december 24th). But the show got easier for me to watch after that first episode, and I am excited to see more of it. I would definitely recommend it, although I wouldn’t put it on the official list of Shows That I Am In Love With just yet. Could be I just haven’t had time to get into it enough at this point; maybe after I see a few more episodes it’ll make it on the list. We’ll see.

Speaking of the events of last Christmas Eve, I’ve been a little more emotional over that lately. It’s been on my mind more as this Christmas Eve is quickly approaching. It’s hard; I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards in the grief process as the 1-year mark draws nearer. I know it’s probably completely natural, but that doesn’t make it any easier. It does make me really glad that we’ll be spending Christmas with my family this year. Even before I got that phone call, last Christmas was already a little hard for me since it was the first Christmas I’d spent away from my parents. Sometimes a girl just needs her parents around — and I’m looking forward to being back in that familiar, comforting environment this year. I don’t know if this Christmas Eve is going to be difficult for me or not. I suspect it will be, at least a little bit, but I think it will be easier to deal with those emotions with my family nearby. I don’t mean this to sound like Tim isn’t a good enough support system. He is, believe me; he’s been there for me more and better than I knew I needed. His poor shoulder has absorbed far more tears than … well I don’t know what. But it’s been a lot. He’s a tremendous help. But my mom is the only one in my family who knew T as well as I did. And so, for reasons I can’t really put into words, I’m glad I’ll be with her as well as Tim and my dad this Christmas Eve.

Wow, I really didn’t intend to get into all of that. But there it is. And now I don’t know how to end this post.

I have to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time.

I know I said pictures of the deck and the painted room would be coming soon. And I did mean it. They ARE coming. But there’s been a number of delays, the most prominent of which being: a) it has not been such a good week in the “Audrey feels like she has any self worth” department, so instead of coming home and posting to the internet she instead comes home and curls up in her husband’s very comforting arms for the duration of the evening (before you throw a big pity party for me, let me assure you that things are substantially better, as is about to be evidenced in the next paragraph full of hilariously immature parentheticals); and b) There are finishing touches yet to be done to the room, like hanging my new pretty curtains, and I want to be able to post pictures of the completed-and-now-more-beautiful-than-ever room rather than the heres-how-it-looks-painted-but-not-put-back-together-yet room. Pictures by the end of the weekend if we’re lucky.

Anyway, the deck is amazing and wonderful and the thing I love most about the house besides the kitchen. Ben is starting to figure out that when we let him out the bedroom door in the morning (instead of going all the way downstairs to the front door!) he then must descend the deck stairs into the yard to take care of his morning duties (doodies). Today was the first morning I didn’t have to go out onto the deck in my pjs and point him in the direction of the stairs. Today I was able to simply say, “go downstairs” from the doorway, and he went. Once he’s down the stairs, I stop paying attention to whether or not the morning duties (doodies) are completed; my main concern is that said duties (doodies) are not completed on the deck. By the time I’m out of the shower he is back on the deck — whether he’s been there for 30 seconds or since 30 seconds after he descended the stairs — waiting patiently to be let back in so he can get back in bed and snuggle with Tim. I have never known a dog to be so difficult to get out of bed in the morning. (Providing, of course, that he isn’t sleeping in a house with another dog who by 5:30AM must be checked on and played with lest the WORLD SHOULD END because there is a dog on the other side of this door and that dog must be played with dammit, woman, would you LET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM!)


An interesting thing about this town where I live

Geese are apparently a big deal here.

In Ft. Collins, the geese are EVERYWHERE. You can’t go to a park without treading through an inch of goose shit. Sometimes when you’re driving you have to stop because there’s geese crossing the road. The geese are an everyday annoyance in Ft. Collins. Something we take for granted and hardly ever notice.

I guess all the geese live in Ft. Collins and only, like, 5 live here in the Springs. Every time there is a goose here everyone makes a big deal about it. It’s not like wildlife is a strange thing – there’s deer here eating our grass all the time and little bunnies everywhere. But one stupid goose walks up and everyone’s all OMG LOOK! A goose! GEESE! WOW Can you believe it?! OMG!!!! And then I look like the bitch who doesn’t care about nature because I don’t get excited over a goose.

It’s so annoying.

On a completely unrelated note, it sucks when you start a new hobby with a group of people and then it turns out that you’re the only one who’s really into it and wants to continue doing it. And then whenever you’re like, “hey let’s get together and do this cool new hobby of ours” everyone else who you thought was just as excited as you just kinda blows it off and suddenly doesn’t care anymore and then you feel like a dejected loser. It’s fun times, let me tell you.

Can you tell I’m having a fantastic cinco de mayo? It’s not all bad, though. My husband is being extra cute with the text messages today and in general he’s just the best. It really does make up for all this other annoying shit.

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