Babies and Dragons

Hey, Alexander, do you think the baby in Mommy’s belly is a baby brother or a baby sister?

“I think…dinosaur.”

You think it’s a dinosaur?


A monster?

“Yeah. Hug Monster.”* 

Oh, okay. I bet the baby will really like getting hugs from you.

Pointing to his belly: “And Al-naner has dragon.”

You have a dragon in your belly?


Is it a nice dragon?

“Al-naner has dragon in belly. Dragon not bite you.”

. . .

Turns out it’s not a dinosaur or a Hug Monster. Just a healthy, human baby GIRL!

The jury’s still out on what type of dragon Alexander’s growing in his belly.


*Alexander’s a little concerned about monsters, so we frequently assure him that the only monsters allowed in our house are Kiss Monsters and Hug Monsters. Although sometimes the Tickle Monster sneaks in, too.


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  1. Jessie on November 27th, 2013

    Congratulations on your baby girl! I’m so excited for you!

    When asked if she thought our baby would be a brother or a sister, Sophie answered “Princess.” Toward the end, when she knew the baby’s name was Rex, she said he was a dinosaur, which I suppose makes sense. Kids are so much fun.

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