The Tenth and Eleventh Months

Alexander’s tenth and eleventh months just flew by, and suddenly he’s only a couple of weeks away from being a One-Year-Old. I can hardly believe it. Before another month flies by, here’s a look at what he’s been up to the past couple of months.

The Tenth Month:

Alexander became an expert at eating real, non-pureed foods. He eats a little bit of everything these days and, so far, he doesn’t seem to be a picky eater. My only real concern is that he doesn’t seem to fully appreciate cheese yet. Sure, he’ll eat it, but given a plate of fruit, veggie, meat, and cheese, he’ll devour everything except the cheese, which he only picks at before throwing the rest to the dogs. Considering he was grown almost exclusively on cheese while I was pregnant, I’m not sure what the problem is. He’ll come to his senses eventually, right?

He also started teething in a BIG way. The first two bottom teeth he got a few months ago were no big deal, but then his top teeth started coming in, and it’s been a months-long ordeal of drool, gnawing on everything in sight, and more drool. His two front teeth finally broke through a couple weeks ago, but there are more coming in right along side them, and the droolfest continues. It’s tons of fun for everyone involved.

The biggest change during the tenth month is that Alexander started attending daycare. We found a home daycare, recommended by several of Tm’s coworkers, and we absolutely love it. The woman who runs it is great with the handful of kids she takes care of, she has a big friendly dog who all the kids love, and she positively adores Alexander. (How could she not?) One day, when Tim picked him up after work, she told him, “If I could have a dozen Alexanders, I would.” I love that our son is so loved.

Alexander’s making friends at daycare, too. There’s a super sweet three-year-old girl there who plays with him all the time. One day when I arrived to drop Alexander off, shortly after he started going to daycare, I walked in the door and heard this little girl’s voice excitedly exclaim from the daycare room “He’s here! He’s here!” My heart just about melted.

When he’s not at daycare, odds are he’s in the tupperware cabinet. We put baby locks on all the cabinets except this one, and Alexander positively loves hanging out in his little baby cave and “organizing” the tupperware for us. Did you know that the best way to store your tupperware is to scatter it all over the kitchen floor?

Alexander doesn’t go back to the doctor for a well-baby visit until he’s a year old, but he happened to come down with a virus right around his 10-month birthday so we got to take a bonus trip to the doctor. Turns out he just had a nasty head cold, but while we were at the pediatrician’s office, we found out that he was over 21 pounds and 29 inches long. Growin’ like crazy, as usual.

The Eleventh Month:

In the past month, it seems like Alexander has grown by leaps and bounds, both physically and developmentally. He’s ridiculously smart in so many ways. He doesn’t say any actual words yet, but he’s good at mimicking noises we make, and he’ll blow motorboats back and forth with you all day long. (It’s a messy game, what with the ongoing river of drool, but a fun one nonetheless.)

He started waving when you tell him to say “Hi” or “Bye Bye,” and one of his all-time favorite activities is waving at the dogs every time he sees them. This little boy sure loves his dogs. (And they love him, especially when he’s sitting in the high chair dropping food for them.)

And, perhaps most important of all, he dances. Every time he hears music, he stops whatever he’s doing and starts bouncing along to the beat. Sometimes he even hums and dances along to his own song, and then I die from the cuteness. The kid has good rhythm, too — he’s always right on the beat of the music. I guess going to tap class with me for nine months before he was born taught him a thing or two about rhythm. I couldn’t be more proud.

He’s not walking yet (although I can tell he’s thinking about it), but he’s a crawling maniac. He loves to crawl away from you and let you chase him. He’ll even stop and look back at you with a mischievous grin as if to say, “Bet you can’t catch me!” And when you inevitably do catch him, he laughs and laughs.

He also does this amazing thing we call the Happy Crawl. Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe goes running with Rachel, and Pheobe’s running style is a less controlled and more flail-y than most people’s? Well imagine if Phoebe’s running style was embraced by a crawling baby — all flailing arms and big goofy grins as the baby speed-crawls toward you as fast as his chubby little thighs will carry him. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

On August 26, we had Alexander baptized. It was a beautiful outdoor service at our church in the forest, and we celebrated the event with a big family brunch. I was stressing out in a big way in the week leading up to the baptism about cleaning the house and getting all the cooking done, but it all worked out wonderfully. What I foolishly forgot (but was happily reminded about that Sunday morning), is how generous and helpful everyone in our family is. As soon as we got back from church, everyone who could fit in the kitchen was in there cooking hash browns, scrambling eggs, and mixing mimosas. Thanks to all their help, the entire day was a great success, and we got to enjoy a wonderful day with our families. My family drove down from Ft. Collins and Denver, Tim’s parents flew in from Virginia, his sister flew in from Texas, and our friend John, who is Alexander’s godfather, made it back to Colorado only a week after moving to Florida with his family just to attend Alexander’s baptism. We have the best friends and family in the world.

Alexander celebrated his 11-month birthday with his very first camping trip. We packed up the Jeep and headed to the mountains unsure of how well he’d do, and, honestly, we were half expecting to pack up camp and drive home in the middle of the night if it was a disaster. But Alexander did really well! He loved crawling around in the tent and snuggling by the campfire. He was a little frustrated that we wouldn’t let him crawl around outside and scrape up his knees on the rocks, but we assured him he’d have more fun on camping trips next summer when he can run around with shoes on his feet. We were most nervous about how he would sleep and whether he’d stay warm enough in the tent on a cold mountain night. We bundled him up and put him in his carseat with the bunting so he’d be nice and cozy, and he slept there for a couple of hours. But then he woke up and started fussing, so we let him snuggle up between us in the sleeping bags. He slept comfortably there for the rest of the night. Honestly, I think he slept better than the rest of us. Camping season’s pretty much over now for those of us who are wimpy about being cold at night, but we’re looking forward to more camping trips with the kiddo next summer.

And now, my baby boy is 11 months old, just weeks away from his first birthday. He continues to be the Best Thing Ever, in case that wasn’t obvious by the way I can’t stop gushing about him.

(Getting a picture of him with the Boppy pillow, however, continues to become more difficult the more mobile he gets. We do what we can, though.)