The Second Month

Somewhere during Alexander’s second month, I finally got the hang of this whole motherhood thing. Not that I was doing a bad job of it before, but this past month I started to feel more like I knew what I was doing and less like I was just winging it every day. A big part of it was adjusting my previous definition of what constitutes a “productive” day. When we first brought the baby home, I had a big long list of things I wanted to get done each day. Nevermind the fact that I spent all day successfully nurturing a baby; if I only accomplished one or two other things, I felt like a failure.

Now that I’ve gotten used to having a baby around and have figured out his general schedule, I’m able to set much more realistic goals for myself. Instead of having 8 tasks on my daily to-do list, I usually have about 2. And if I don’t get around to them because Alexander doesn’t take a nap, that’s okay. Playing with the baby when he’s awake is far more important (not to mention rewarding) than getting the laundry put away. We’ve found a pretty good groove, Alexander and I, and we tend to have a great time together, regardless of whether we do anything “productive.”

. . .

Alexander had some major accomplishments this month:

He met his best friend Mackenzie, who was born just 5 days before him. Her mom and I have been best friends since preschool, so it only makes sens that Alexander and Mackenzie will be BFFs, too. Though they might not be quite as joined at the hip as their mothers were, since Mackenzie lives in Boston.

He went to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the first time, and learned that the most comfortable place to nap is on Grandpa’s lap, holding Grandpa’s hand.

He outgrew all of his newborn clothes, and grew into some adorable bigger outfits. He likes this one so much that he wore it when we went to the forest and had family photos taken. Then he had his first diaper blowout and had to be changed as soon as the photo shoot was over. I’m pretty sure he just did it so he could have some naked time in the woods.

He helped us host our first Thanksgiving. He entertained 6 houseguests and supervised food preparation for 17 people. Thanks to Alexander (and Tim’s delicious smoked turkey, and tons of help from our family), Thanksgiving was a huge success.

He put on a Santa suit and helped us get ready for Christmas. It was exhausting.

He continued to work on his Tummy Time skills, and looked completely adorable in the process, as usual.

He grew like crazy, weighing in at 12 pounds, 6 ounces, at his 2-month check up. Such a good little grower!

He started to make friends with the dogs, snuggling with Smalls, and smiling when Ben sneaks up and kisses him.

Oh, and he started smiling. And it is the best thing ever.