The Name Game

Coming up with a name for this kid has been something of a challenge. The problem is not that we disagree on names, but rather that we’ve had a hard time finding a name that we both love. It really doesn’t help matters that I was the type of kid who never named a single stuffed animal because I was always concerned I might change my mind about what the toy’s name should be. If I couldn’t commit to a name for an inanimate object, I’m not sure how I can be expected to name an actual person who might someday have an opinion about the name his mother stuck him with.

We’ve been tossing around a lot of options for a few months now and keeping lists of top contenders, but so far nothing has quite been worthy of our son. Last Sunday, while we enjoyed a leisurely patio breakfast as part of our 6th anniversary celebration, we had this conversation:

Me: Last night I dreamed we named our son [Redacted].

Tim: That’s so weird — I was just thinking about that name. And I kind of like it.

We went on to discuss all the great nickname possibilities: [Red]…[Dacted]…just a simple [D]….We could so easily let his personality determine his nickname. And the full name is excellent on its own, too. Tim and I both want a classic, not-to-trendy, but not-too-old-fashioned name, and [Redacted] definitely fits the bill.

It also didn’t hurt that we both started thinking about this particular name for the first time that day. It’s not a name we’d discussed before, and yet, we both really like it. And we both came up with it on our anniversary, of all days. The whole thing seemed too serendipitous to ignore.

We’ve let the idea sit for a little over a week, and we still like it. It sounds good paired with the middle name we’ve chosen. It pairs well with our last name. The initials are good. We’ve slowly started using the name (and various nicknames) in place of “the baby” when we talk about our son, and it sounds pretty great.

Although we still reserve the right to change our minds sometime over the next 3 months, I think…I think we may have decided on a name for this child.

25 Weeks blog

Me and little [Red] at 25 weeks.

As a kid who went years without being able to commit to a name for a teddy bear, it’s nothing short of amazing that it took just over 24 weeks to (potentially) commit to a name for my son.