It turns out that this Saturday I’ll be tapping at an event called Urban Jam.

Yeah, you read that right. This suburban white girl, and two of her very suburban white friends, will be lacing up the tap shoes and trying not to look too ridiculous at an event called Urban Jam.

I could try to impress you with the fact that we found out about this performance 4 days ago, had nothing “urban” in our repertoire, and put together a pretty bad-ass new piece of choreography in just 3 hours of work over the weekend. Or I could try to be cool and talk about how the hoofin’ style of tap that this event calls for (think: less bouncy and show-y, more grounded and awesome) is my very favorite kind of tap. But the reality is that the only reason the three of us won’t be wearing something sparkly on Saturday is because we haven’t yet decided on a dance company name good enough to bedazzle onto a hoodie.

And really, when it comes to white girls dancing, “bedazzled on a hoodie” is the new “set in stone.”

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