I can stop whenever I want

While Tim’s been home on Christmas break, he and I have been eating lunch together every day. This has been awesome, especially since we discovered the heaven wrapped in a tortilla that is Monica’s Tacos.

Here’s a brief look at my lunches so far this week:

Monday – Tim says “Bring me something delicious,” so I bring home chile relleno burritos from Monica’s.

Tuesday – Tim says “Bring me either breakfast burritos or spicy cheesesteak,” so I make the obvious choice and bring home breakfast burritos from Monica’s.

Today – I text Tim to see what he wants for lunch. His response: “No idea, but in all honesty I would eat another burrito.”

Seriously, this is turning into a full-blown addiction. At this rate, I’m going to be suffering major withdrawals next week when he’s back at school. Anybody know where I can find a good BAA (burrito addicts anonymous) meeting?