Audrey is…

(A list of status updates I might have posted to Facebook during the first half of this month if I could have been bothered to glance at a computer.)

October 3: Sharing a pitcher of Sangria with my husband at a beach-side cafe in Barcelona. Life is good.

October 8: Drinking delicious wine at a Tuscan villa. Loving every  minute.

October 9: Everyone and their brother is in Rome. Holy cow. The parts of the city we can see through the crowd are beautiful.

October 10: Hiked Mt. Vesuvius today — completely amazing. Pompeii is bigger and better than I ever imagined. Delicious pizza and beer in Naples were the perfect end to our favorite day so far.

October 11: If we had to have a rainy day, at least it’s a day at sea. Perfect day to relax by the (indoor) pool with the latest Dexter novel.

October 12: When the smell hits your nose like some old stinky toes, that’s a-Venice!

October 13: I think Gob Bluth could give the ship’s magician a run for his money.

October 14: Dubrovnik would be a cool place to explore if not for the nonstop torrential downpour. On the bright side, we are now the proud owners of a plaid Croatian umbrella.

October 15: Great shopping, yummy beer, tasty chicken in kumquat sauce, and some cool ruins to explore…we’re definitely going to need to come back to Greece someday.

October 17: Ping pong takes on a whole new level of difficulty when you add a little sea breeze to the equation.

October 18: Reluctantly returning to reality after what was truly the best vacation ever.