Wednesday Smalls ‘n’ Bensday: Special Doggie Door Edition

Tim got the dogs a new present, and so far they are very confused about it.

Ben and Smalls vs. the Doggie Door

During the summer, when we have the doors and windows open so we don’t melt into puddles of goo on the couch, we are constantly peeling ourselves off the couch to let the dogs in and out. They hear a noise outside and need to go bark in the yard. Then they realize they’re outside and we’re inside and they want to be with us so they need to come in. And then they hear a noise outside and need to go bark in the yard. And, repeat.

Fun as it is to go through this cycle approximately 1,000 times/night, Tim decided to put an end to it and install a doggie door in our screen door. They’re very skeptical of the contraption, naturally, and so far refuse to go though it unless we hold it open with a piece of cheese on the other side. The concept of pushing through it themselves is downright terrifying. Nobody is surprised by this.

I’m sure that in time they’ll figure it out. They’ll be desperate enough to go outside and bark at a noise that they’ll just run though it (much like Smalls tried to run through the screen pre-doggie-door yesterday afternoon) and realize all the freedom and joy that come with the doggie door.

Until then, I expect there will be a lot of coaxing on our part, and a lot of cheese eating on their part.

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