One Embarrassed Benjamin

Ben woke up yesterday feeling much less pitiful than the night before, and for awhile there he was back to his normal, happy self, only minorly inconvenienced by the awkward bandage on his paw. But this morning he apparently decided he’d had enough of the bandage and started to chew on it. And so today, he is back to milking the pity…just for slightly different reasons.

We didn’t want to have to subject him to wearing the Cone of Shame, but he left us no other choice. There’s little doubt in my¬† mind that if we didn’t break out the cone we would come home from work today to a bandage-free dog. Lucky for Ben, he should only have to endure eight hours of extreme cone embarrassment. We’re going back to the vet tonight to have his paw re-checked, and hopefully the stitches will come out and the bandage will stay off. And thank goodness, because I’m not sure how much more of this pitiful face we can take!

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