Two Good Dogs

After about a week of trust experiments I think it’s safe to officially call it: We now have two well-behaved dogs.

Before, we just had the one good dog. We asked Ben to help us teach Smalls the rules of the house, but for awhile there it was risky to even go to a different room of the house than her lest we come back to discover a puppy on the coffee table or poo in the corner. Lately, though, things have been going better. I don’t know whether Ben finally sat down and had a chat with Smalls about what we do and do not do in this house, or if she’s just coming up on her 2nd birthday and finally outgrowing most of her puppy mischief, but she’s been acting a lot more trustworthy lately.

So last week we started testing just how much we could trust her. Instead of locking her in her corner, Tim let her have the run of the house one night while I was at dance and he made a quick liquor store run. When he came home and found no destruction or defecation, we tried leaving her free to roam the house while we ran errands for a couple of hours. Again, the experiment was a success, and she’s since moved up past half days when I’d come check on her at lunch to entire workdays free from the corner.

It’s been great. Smalls is happy to be out of the corner, Ben is happy that he gets to play with his sister all day, and we’re happy that we’ve replaced pitiful cries from the corner with a double-puppy party every time we come home. Really, everybody wins.

From here on out, unless we come home one day to mass destruction, Smalls can look forward to no longer spending her days like this:

And instead spending her days more like this:

We’re so proud.