Raging Rapids

You can always tell when Tim’s birthday is approaching because he starts shopping for himself a lot. And he usually comes home with exactly the gift I was planning to get him. He’s a challenge to shop for anyway, so you can imagine how much I love the increased difficulty level that comes with this pesky little habit of his.

This year, though, I was prepared. I had an idea for his birthday present that I was sure he was going to love. All I had to do was wait to buy it until I was sure he wasn’t going to go get it for himself, and I was set. The Big Idea? Seinfeld Scene It.

I just blew you all away with my mad gift idea skillz, didn’t I?

But then Tim went and gave me the best birthday present ever, and as soon as my initial excitement wore off, the first thing I thought was, “Oh, man, I am going to have to step it up for his birthday next month.” That little DVD board game was just not going to cut it anymore.

(And thank goodness for that, because it turns out the game was a pretty lame idea.)

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to stress long over coming up with a new idea. Two weeks and one serendipitous conversation with a coworker later, I had another good idea. And this idea was actually good: I decided to take Tim white water rafting.

I set up a trip with Royal Gorge Rafting, told Tim about it on his birthday, and we went this past Sunday. It was completely awesome. We both had a great time, neither of us fell out of the boat, and we got to wear some pretty sexy wetsuits. Win-win-win.

I am pretty much the best wife ever.

(Don’t worry — I also got the game as a back-up present in case Tim hated the rafting idea. So if you ever want to play Seinfeld Scene It, you know who to call.)

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