Just the Right Mix of Joy and Exhaustion

Good news — hiking season has officially started here in the Sangria household.

Nothing kicks off hiking season quite like a grueling climb up the Incline. I made it up in 76 minutes this morning, which isn’t a stellar time, but it’s not bad, either, all things considered. I set goals for myself about how often I would stop to rest and who among the other hikers on the trail I would beat to the top (my competitive nature is sometimes the only thing that keeps me trekking up the mountain), and I’m proud to say I met and/or exceeded all of those goals.

Given it was the first hike of the season, I’m pleased with how well I did. I’m going to have to kick it up a notch and get my hiking muscles back into shape, though, because Tim and I have decided to summit another fourteener this summer. I haven’t forgotten how much pain is involved in such a task, but I’m still really excited. That feeling of accomplishment upon setting foot at the summit just can’t be beat.

One hike in, and I’m already feeling like it’s going to be a damn good hiking season. I can’t wait.

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