Mistaken Identity

My best friend Amy and I traditionally take each other shopping at Victoria’s Secret for Christmas. We love treating each other to something pretty around the holidays, and spending the time together shopping is a great gift in itself — especially now that she lives in Boston and we don’t get to see each other more than once or twice a year.

This year, Amy stayed in Boston for Christmas, so we delayed our Chrismtas shopping until she came to town yesterday. We had a very successful shopping trip — turns out VS has a much better selection around Valentine’s day than around Christmas — and as we were checking out with each other’s gifts we got into a conversation with the sales woman about how we do this together every year, we were late this year because Amy wasn’t home, etc. I’m not sure what we said that made the sales woman suspicious, but it soon became clear she was trying to figure us out. It was pretty obvious she thought we might be girlfriends (in the non-platonic sense), and she really wanted to find out for sure without coming right out and asking. She oh-so-casually (but so not casually at all) asked, “So, are you guys sisters…? Cousins…?”

“No,” we told her. “We’ve been best friends since pre-school.” This, however, was not the clarifying answer she was looking for. We could see the gears turning as she speculated about when our friendship may have blossomed into something more.

I was highly amused by the whole situation, but Amy took pity on the poor, confused, woman and asked me whether Tim was excited to see the results of our shopping trip. This seemed to settle matters for the curious sales woman, and she finished ringing up our purchase with no further pressing questions.

It was all Amy and I could do to wait until we were outside of the store before we were doubled over with laughter.

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