Smalls Sunday: Still Not a Snow Dog

It’s been snowing for about 24 hours, which I am loving for many reasons: (1) It’s the first big snow of the season, and therefore I am enchanted by the prettiness rather than being tired of snow and angry about the cold; (2) Thanksgiving is over, which means it’s officially acceptable to get into Christmas mode, and the snow is definitely putting me in the mood to sip hot chocolate with a candy cane in it and listen to jazzy Christmas music; and (3) Ben loves the snow, and maybe, just maybe, Smalls will have gotten over her previous dislike for that cold, white stuff and will romp adorably alongside her brother across the snow-covered yard.

Or maybe she’ll run straight to the dryest, least-snowiest, most-sheltered area of the yard and hang out there while Ben romps around adorably all by his lonesome.

Are Kaya, Rufus, Bailey, and Daisy snow lovers or snow haters? Check in with them to find out!

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