Smalls Sunday: Backyard Adventures

Smalls loves playing in the yard and helping Ben torment the neighbor dogs. Here she is giving the neighbor puppy the stink eye for being naked. (You’d think for as much as this puppy escapes his yard, the neighbors would put a collar and tag on him.)

You may have to click on the picture to see it bigger in order to fully appreciate Smalls’s priceless expression.

And here she is playing with some balls, one in a more manageable size than the other.

Smalls is a pro at fetch, unlike Ben who took 3 years to learn the basic concept and still only kind of brings the ball back occasionally. Smalls, on the other hand, seems to have been born with the retrieval instinct, which makes sense considering our recent discovery of the likelihood that she’s got some golden retriever heritage. I can’t wait to take her up to the reservoir this summer and see how well she swims.

Be sure to check in with Kaya, Rufus, Ben, Ted, Gus, and Zapp.

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