Pressing Issues

  • What is the point of eating breakfast if no mater what I eat — be it a flimsy piece of toast or a filling bowl of oatmeal — I am hungry again at 10 am every single day? And lunch isn’t until 1:00?
  • What is a good, portable, no-prep, low-cost, healthy, mid-morning snack to bring to work?
  • Is the Blackberry really all it’s cracked up to be?
  • Will Verizon start offering the Blackberry Pearl in colors other than silver (boring) and pink (ew) any time soon?
  • Do you think my co-worker would share a Thin Mint (or two) with me?
  • How late is too late to send a belated birthday card? Does putting a lot of love and care into the creation of the card help in any way to cancel out how much you suck at mailing things on time?
  • What do you think it means that my dinners for the past week consisted largely of seven-layer dip, pizza, and chips dipped in sour cream, and yet this morning I had to tighten my belt by one notch because the normal place I buckle it left it too loose?
  • Was “notch” the right word to use just now, or are the holes in belts called something else?
  • How much longer will I have to wait before the snow melts off the mountains and I can go hiking again?


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