I’m gazing into the well of ideas and all I see is Ben

And, much as I know we all love little Benjamin, I really don’t want this to turn into an all-Ben-all-the-time type of blog. Unfortunately, I am fresh out of new things to write about. I have come down with the dreaded Bloggers Block.

So, can you help a girl out? Tell me what you want to read. Is there anything I haven’t rambled on about that you might want to see some ramblings on about? (Does that sentence even work?) Have I mentioned something and then left you hanging by forgetting to say anything more about it? I am begging you — give me some new ideas, please. Pretty please, even, with a cherry on top!

If I don’t get some fresh ideas soon, you guys are all going to have to start coming here with lent rollers to fight all the fluffy white fur that will be taking over this blog. And lent rollers cost, like, five whole dollars. And you have better things to spend five dollars on, don’t you?

Give me an idea, save five dollars. That right there is a good deal for everyone involved.

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