Playing Catch-Up

A few items of business that I’ve been meaning to post this week:

First, a great big shout out to Gary for coming up with Cannibal! The Musical as the movie referenced on my “Let’s Build a Snowman” scrapbook page on Monday! Gary, your prize will be in the mail early next week. For those of you who have not seen Cannibal! The Musical, I highly recommend it. It’s best viewed under the influence of alcohol, especially if you drink every time someone says “Schpedoinkle!”

Second, and speaking of things involving the word “Packer,” we attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend. Since the bride and groom are both big Green Bay Packers fans, the wedding was Packers-themed, which was pretty fun. The bridesmaids wore green dresses and carried yellow roses, the bride — who looked gorgeous — also carried yellow roses and had a green sash tied around her dress, and the guys all wore yellow boutonnieres.

There were inflatable footballs and football confetti as centerpieces on some of the tables at the reception. The other tables had a more traditional floating-candle centerpiece, which served as a perfect goal in which to flick the confetti footballs. This is how we entertained ourselves while we waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive at the reception. (Tim won, by the way, with an astonishing 11 footballs in the centerpiece!)

When the bride and groom arrived, they were, quite appropriately, wearing Packers jerseys. This was both adorable and helpful in protecting their formalwear from the delicious BBQ lunch we had.

Even the cake was decorated in green and gold, complete with a mini Packers helmet next to the bride and groom figurine.

It really was a fun wedding. It reflected the bride and groom’s personalities very well, which is what makes a wedding great, in my opinion. My cousin and his wife are a wonderful couple, and I know they have many many happy years of cheering on the Packers together ahead of them.

Last but not least, tomorrow is the great wine stomp competition. Wish us luck in winning that trip to Napa Valley!

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