Wednesday-Bensday! Another special birthday edition!

Ben says: “Maybe if I stay behind this chair the bucket won’t find me.”

That picture was actually taken about a year ago. (You can tell because that’s Lauren in the background, and Lauren’s in Japan right now.) So this was long before the bucket incident, and yet Ben was still concerned. Or maybe just looking for a little shade.

But that’s not the point. The point is, today is Tim’s birthday! He’s thinking about going fishing today if the weather doesn’t suck it up big time (Ben will stay home and protect the house from any and all buckets).

So you guys have an assignment today — Everybody leave a comment wishing my amazing husband a happy birthday so that when he gets home from fishing and checks this blog, he’ll get tons and tons of birthday wishes.

I’ll go first. Happy birthday, Tim! I love you very very very very very very much!

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