State of the Blog

Obviously still working on getting that header to show up. The support people who I downloaded the theme from have thus far ignored my pleas for help. So I’ve gone and asked wordpress support, because they are wonderful and know how to fix everything. If all else fails, I’ll just go find a different cute theme that will actually work. I just really liked this one and want it to work and be cute and pretty like it’s supposed to. But we can’t have everything we want, now, can we? I guess the bright side of finding a new theme would be that I could possibly get one with normal (read: non-ugly) bullets. Because the current ugly bullets are really putting a damper on my love of the bulleted list. Which may be improving my ability to write coherent, developed paragraphs, but dammit sometimes a girl just wants to be lazy and write lists that aren’t ugly!

At least the sidebar is all pretty and properly-functioning.

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