Halloween ’06

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at Jessie’s place. I think it’s safe to say that good times were had by all. And since I am having trouble thinking of some clever blog post about the party, let’s just see a few photo highlights, shall we?

Crazy Larry and Starry Night
I was the Night Sky. There was a minor change of plans with my costume, as our original star-attaching idea failed miserably, but I think the end result turned out that much better because of it. Tim went as “Crazy Larry from Accounting.” His ID badge said he only had Level 3 Clearance — I think this is because his badge also listed him as a Security Threat, and security threats hit the proverbial glass ceiling at level 3. Security threats everywhere are coming together to eliminate this discrimination in the workplace. They’re also working on incorporating snake ties into standard company dresscodes.
All three of us
This is Me, Tim, and Aleisha right before we went to the party. I think Aleisha’s costume was the most obscure of the three. Gold star to anyone who can guess what she went as.

John the Pedophile
This is John. He went as a pedophile. The box attached to his belt says “Lollipops for good little girls and boys.” It actually had lollipops in it. He also had an elephant hand puppet with a very inappropriate looking trunk and a hat that said “Hands on Kids!” I laughed every time I looked at him.

Other potentially inappropriate costumes? One couple who I don’t know (and don’t have a picture of) coordinated their costumes. But it wasn’t just your standard cheesy couple costume set, oh no. The girl came as a sting ray. The guy came as Steve Irwin. Too soon? Still kinda funny in that uncomfortable way? You be the judge.

The Party's Sexy Hostess
Me, the sexy party hostess Jessie, and my not very strong drink. Good, good times.

And the best costume of the night goes to…

Emo Lauren
Emo Lauren! Her tie sealed the deal. Partly because of its awesomeness, and partly because of the guy who didn’t understand it.
Not Understanding Guy: So, are you like a band on myspace or something?
Emo Lauren: No. I’m emo. (and later: Do you see me holding an instrument?)
NUG: Oh. That’s cool. The tie just threw me off.
Emo Lauren: Have you ever been on myspace? It’s emo heaven!
And then we spent the rest of the night alternately laughing at John’s costume and making fun of the NUG.

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